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Bye-Bye Bibi: Why Netanyahu Failed

He bullied, he bragged, and his bromance with Trump couldn’t save him. In fact his own tactics may have done him in.

The Tell-All Book Mattis Didn’t Want Published

This is typical: former officials who write truthful memoirs often face threats, lawsuits, and even imprisonment.

Bolton Likely Axed Over Taliban Deal, Leaks

Trump was increasingly frustrated with Bolton publicly contradicting him and scuttling his negotiations.

Highly-Placed Leakers, Swamp Creatures Blast Trump-Taliban Deal

Beltway interests of every stripe are rushing to their battle stations to make sure any agreement goes down in flames.

Under New U.S.-Taliban Deal, More Troops Stay than Leave

Despite Trump’s campaign promise to get out of Afghanistan, this is shaping up to be a long-term occupation.

Could Brexit Leave the UK Vulnerable to Pressure From U.S. Hawks?

It’s supposed to make Britain more independent. But it might put her at the mercy of Mike Pompeo’s Iran policy.

Trump’s G7 ‘Mixed Messages’ Were the ‘Art of the Deal’

The president has told us a million times how he negotiates. So why does the media keep hysterically misreading him?

When Macron Met Zarif—and Snubbed Trump?

The French president meeting with Iran’s foreign minister was reported as a blow to the U.S. But what if it wasn’t?

U.S., Israeli Commandos Train to Rescue a ‘Hijacked’ Ship

The emergency training exercise supposedly had nothing to do with current tanker tensions with Iran in the Strait of Hormuz.

U.S. Bullies Its Way Into Dispute, Moves to Seize Iranian Tanker

British Gibraltar ordered the ship’s release to ease tensions. Washington wasn’t having any of it.

Mueller Dragnet Snags Ex-Clintonista, Obama Lawyer

Greg Craig took money from a pro-Russian regime, just like jailed ex-Trump aide Paul Manafort. Welcome to the swamp.

Media: Tulsi is New Darling of ‘Russia’s Propaganda Machine’

Remember when Red-baiting was considered dogmatic and passé by the left-wing hive?

Unqualified UN Ambassador is the Perfect Weak Link

Don’t be surprised if Kelly Craft’s lack of experience is exactly what Bolton and Pompeo wanted for their war cabinet.

Will Boris Johnson Defy Washington on Iran?

Britain’s new PM supported the Iran deal in the past. But Brexit may force his hand—and John Bolton knows it.

Mueller Crumbles Under Questioning

Mueller gave a performance so feeble that many in the media described his testimony as ‘painful,’ and a ‘disaster.’

Who’s Making Money From the Border Crisis? Private Prisons

For-profit detention centers are raking in the cash, as the Trump administration incarcerates unprecedented numbers of people.

Saudi Arabia Controls North America’s Largest Oil Refinery

Ahead of its expected IPO, Kingdom-owned Aramco now has 100 percent stake in this Texas facility.

Is it Time for a War on Terror Memorial in Washington?

Proponents say it forces people to remember; critics say it risks glorifying a “tragic” policy and never-ending conflict.

Holy War? Pompeo Preaches to Pro-Israel Christian Confab

The Secretary of State took his case against Iran to the Evangelical faithful, making it a matter of religious life, or death.

Americans Shocked to Find Their Rights Literally Vanish at U.S. Airports

The number of people detained, their phones and laptops searched without warrants, is exploding. Why?

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