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Jim Acosta is No Martyr to Journalism

And his tense exchange with Trump underscores everything that’s wrong with our politics.

A Nation Addled by Conspiracy Theories

As the Pittsburgh shooting showed, we increasingly prefer tribe-affirming stories to Occam’s Razor.

Senators, Gladiators, and the Committee’s Bloody Ring

Here, reputations are being destroyed, the Supreme Court confirmation process debased into a Colosseum fight.

The Kavanaugh Kangaroo Court is Revictimizing Victims

Partisanship will make those who have suffered from sexual assault less likely to be believed, not more.

Alan Dershowitz’s Radical Case Against Impeachment

Few legal scholars have defined “high crimes and misdemeanors” as narrowly—or consistently—as he has.

Republicans: Still Fiddling While Obamacare Burns

Health care premiums are soaring. If Congress doesn’t grow a backbone and act, they’ll cede the issue to the left forever.

How to Fix the Swamp Monster Federal Budget

Here are eight things lawmakers can do to stop America from hemorrhaging debt.

The GOP’s Laughable Call for a Balanced Budget Amendment

Fresh off a gigantic spending binge, Republicans now say they want to eliminate the deficit. Uh-huh.

Congress’s “One Spending Bill to Rule Them All” is a Debt-Fueled Disgrace

The latest federal budget puts the lie once and for all to Republican promises of fiscal restraint.

The Myth of Steve Bannon the Kingmaker

History has its share of political masterminds—he’s not one of them.

5 Issues Congress Will Tackle This Year—and 1 They Definitely Won’t

2018 is shaping up to be a busy year, even if there’s one thing Congress still won’t do.

Can GOP Thread the Needle With New Tax Reform?

This plan tinkers around the edges of current policy, creating winners—and losers.

A Tax Cut Straight from the George W. Bush Playbook

The GOP’s tax package would spike the national debt. But is that reason enough not to support it?