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Why 19th-Century Design Makes People Happy

Words on the Street highlights the best writing on urbanism we’ve encountered this week.

Bring Back Penn Station

Let New York’s rail hub be a temple—not a rats’ nest of tunnels.

Don’t Miss This Post-Election Conversation

A week after voters go to the polls, leading realists will gather to discuss the future of U.S. foreign policy.

Modernism, Food, and Public Space

Why privately-owned plazas fail the comfort test

What Is a Suburb, Anyway?

Good, walkable urbanism matters more for a neighborhood than an arbitrary labeling of city or suburb.

Tomb of the Four Freedoms

New York’s cold monument to FDR’s internationalist vision

9/11 Postmodern Memorial Failure?

In the December issue of First Things, editor R.R. Reno discusses his recent …

Singing from an iPad Hymnal

Evangelical churches have made use of technology like PowerPoint for years, but …

Israeli Writer Amos Oz on Knowing One’s Home

NPR’s Tom Ashbrook interviewed Israeli novelist Amos Oz this week. Besides Oz’s …

Do you know any Episcopalians?

On the day when all the headlines are about the UN’s official …

Getting Realist with Robert Merry

A veteran of Washington journalism takes on The National Interest

How to Remember Ike

Fighting over new additions to the capital’s collection of memorials is to …

Local Economies of Care

Amid this week’s debate over the meaning of a Vatican department’s call …

No Economic Blues Inside the Beltway

Bloomberg reports that Washington has now surpassed Silicon Valley as the metropolitan …

Harvard’s Lessig to Occupy DC: Work with Tea Party

Just before dinner time on Tuesday, the Occupy DC movement was visited …

Jane Jacobs: The Movie?

A Toronto news site reports that at least one Hollywood A-lister wants …

Debit Card Winners and Losers

The State giveth, and the State taketh away. At least, that’s how …

Facebook as digital passport?

NPR reports that an increasing number of news sites — in the …

Food, Inc. Fights Back

Since the anti-agribusiness movement hit full stride with the release of the …

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