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Woke Capitalism: Neutrality Is Not An Option

Corporate insider: 'All wrongthink will be punished'

A reader sends the above image, and writes:

Long time reader of the blog. I’ve been very interested in what you’ve had to say lately regarding corporate totalitarianism on the LGBT issues. As a 30-something employee in the corporate world, who attended an elite graduate institution, all of this is entirely unsurprising to me and I only expect it to continue apace. Nonetheless, even I am a bit jarred when I encounter images like the one above, taken at the London Pride parade. This comes from the social media presence of one of the world’s preeminent law firms.

Some Christians think we can reason with the other side. That’s a cute thought. In the very near future there will be swift and severe professional repercussions for those who deviate from the party line, whether inside or outside the office.

I am convinced the same will begin to happen to corporations as a whole.

My company oversees a plan with hundreds of millions of dollars. I attend the annual conference put on by our plan administrator (one of the largest investment firms in the country). There was a breakout panel this past year regarding ESG funds – Environmental, Social, and Governance funds. Basically, they’re funds geared toward investors who don’t want to own shares in “bad” companies. This is probably far too simplistic a view, but in my opinion, it’s a rating system used to separate the wheat from the chaff – the wheat being the companies whose policies align with the current progressive dogma and the chaff being those that don’t.

If I had to bet, I’d say within the next two decades, ESG ratings will become even more mainstream and politicized than they are today. It will be a financial way to punish a company, writ-large, for taking unpopular positions on important issues of the day.

Be it a person or a corporation, there will be no more neutral. They want to eradicate all wrong-think and make sure deviants are punished.

If you choose to use any of this, please leave out some details to adequately protect my identity. I’ve got mouths to feed.

Yesterday, when interviewing Zofia Romaszewska, the longtime Solidarity activist now in her 80s, we were talking about this kind of thing. She told me, with great force in her voice, that Christians and other “deplorables” (in the eyes of the Great and the Good), had better organize now, and exert pressure. (Come to think of it, when is the last time you heard a prominent bishop, pastor, or other Christian leader speak out on behalf of ordinary Christians who stand to be punished under schemes like this.

Romaszewska said, “You have to have a strong state to protect you from these kinds of companies.” That is quite a statement to consider as a conservative, coming from a conservative.