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Who Are Our Rulers? Whom Do They Serve?

Filthy, anti-family QChat site promoted by CDC shows we are governed by groomers
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I am a registered Independent who has voted for Democrats in the past, but never again. This is who they are:


These groomer creeps are promoting from the CDC webpage a site called "Q Chat Space," not run by the government, but to which the CDC directs LGBT youth. Here's a link to the Q Chat Space, which you can reach from the CDC website. Spencer Lundquist has been on it: see here. This stuff sounds shocking, but it's actually happening. Excerpts:

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is promoting to youth an online chat space that discusses sex, polyamorous relationships, the occult, sex change operations, and activism, and is specifically designed to be quickly hidden while being used. It also mixes LGBT adults and children and is run in part by Planned Parenthood.

Called Q Chat Space, the platform is advertised on the CDC’s LGBT Health Youth Resources page, archived here. The chat service, which describes itself as “a community for LGBTQ+ teens,” is available for those ages 13-19, can be hidden from parents, and focuses on a number of mature themes. 

Q Chat hosts conversations on a number of different mature and sexual topics, including “Drag Culture 101,” “Sex and Relationships,” and “Having Multiple Genders,” intended for ‘Bi/Pan Youth.” 

There are screenshots. More:

There are also chats on astrology, including “self discovery in astrology” and one titled “Queering Tarot,” a reference to tarot cards commonly used in occult practices. 

The sexually, politcally, and even spiritually charged material is intermixed with content that appeals to young children, such as conversations on video gamesPokemon, and StarWars.

One meme posted on Q Chat’s Instagram page displays a Trojan horse, explaining that children may realize they’re queer after “learning about queerness” from their friends.

The chat seems specifically designed to be concealed from parents and family members. Each section of the website has a large button on the bottom of the screen that says “Click/Tap here for a quick escape …” and shows a stick figure running towards an exit. When clicked, the button takes users to the Google homepage, hiding the site. 

The site also notes that users can get reminders that obscure the name of the chat, explaining, “There are 2 text message reminder options: Discreet or Detailed,” going on to explain that “Discreet text reminders are private, they do not include ‘Q Chat Space’ or the name of the chat.”

One of the rules of Q Chat is to “Keep confidentiality” and agree that “what’s shared here, stays here.” 

An academic article about Q Chat, published on the National Library of Medicine website, praised the service for its ability to be hidden from parents, saying that “The platform’s chat-based nature likely helps youth avoid concerns about family members accidentally overhearing their conversations.”

Not only does Q Chat -- promoted by the US Government! -- encourage minors to deceive their parents as part of their own queering, but it helps them also find a substitute family:


Read the whole story.

What is it going to take to stop this? Why do we sit back and let it happen? Every single groomer bureaucrat in the US Government who approved linking to this filth from the CDC website should be fired. The next Republican administration should send every one of these monsters to the unemployment line. Who are our leaders, anyway? Whom do they serve?

Put this Italian nun in charge, and she'll clean some clocks and ring some bells.