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Disney Goes Groomer

Fortunately, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is not part of the GOP Transgender Surrender Caucus
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The pervy Walt Disney Company, folks:

Do you want to know what the bill Gov. Ron DeSantis signed does? Here is the text itself.

Basically, it forbids schools from withholding from parents knowledge of their minor child’s sexual or gender identification, unless there is good reason to fear that disclosing this information would subject the child to abuse. This is to override local school board policies that allowed schools to hide from parents when their kids were coming out as trans in schools, even as the schools were supporting those kids in their chosen trans identities.

What’s wrong with that? Do most people, liberal or conservative, really want the schools to hide this information about their children from them? And at the same time that these schools are pushing LGBT information on kids?

This is the alleged “don’t say gay” part:

Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.

That’s it. Don’t teach kids aged five through nine about sexual orientation or gender identity, except within defined standards. This is because in many schools, little kids were being exposed to all kinds of information that their parents believe they aren’t ready for.

This is common sense legislation that protects children and the rights of parents. If you ever wondered whether or not the Walt Disney Company was on the side of parents and families, wonder no more: they aren’t. They are Woke Capitalists. More cynically, they know they have more to fear from angry LGBT employees, allies, and their many allies in the media than they do from America’s parents and families, who are going to keep consuming Disney products no matter what.

Jeremy Carl has a good piece praising Gov. DeSantis for having the guts to stand up to Big Trans, but lambasting other GOP governors who surrendered to it. He begins by praising DeSantis for this hugely popular tweet:

Carl goes on:

That same day, however, the Republican governors of Indiana and Utah announced they had joined the GOP’s transgender surrender caucus.

The informal caucus, started by the GOP governors in North and South Dakota last year, exists to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by vetoing bills that would have kept transgender competitors out of girls’ high school sports. (Though South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, stung by the conservative backlash, temporarily suspended her membership in this group by banning transgender competitors through a weaker executive order.)

Unfortunately, as the unpopularity and dangerousness of the Democrats’ radical gender ideology keep making themselves manifest, the GOP’s transgender surrender caucus inexplicably keeps growing.

Barring transgender “females” from participating in girls’ and women’s sports should be an easy call for any politician even vaguely claiming the conservative mantle. It’s the equivalent of a layup or a wide-open touchdown catch. And the overwhelming response to DeSantis’ tweet shows that this is not just a “base” issue, but one that animates independents and even many Democrats. And yet, inexplicably, the GOP seems insistent upon, well, being the GOP.

Notably, DeSantis did not mince words in his tweet, using nonsensical language about allowing Thomas to “live her truth” to mollify the radical transgender activists. He instead spoke the truth. Thomas is not a biological woman and has no business competing against biological women in a sex-categorized sporting event. End of story.

DeSantis’ tweet was pure intellectual clarity. “By allowing men to compete in women’s sports, the NCAA is destroying opportunities for women, making a mockery of its championships, and perpetuating a fraud.”

Read it all. Carl is correct, especially here:

We must not give a single inch to our opponents, who are at war with reality and biology. We must defeat the radical transgender ideology at its root and remove any Republican politicians who enable it.

Yes, absolutely. If Republicans can’t even stand against this, and what Disney backs, what are they even for, other than being Woke Capitalism’s whores?

The Australian commentator Gray Connolly pulls no punches:

It’s worth reading the whole thread on Twitter. It ends like this:

As to the trans and childhood thing, what Florida is doing is taking a tiny step to preserve the psychological stability of the youngest schoolchildren. I would go much farther, but at least this is something. What we are allowing to be done to minors is Mengelesque. I highly recommend this horrific thread from a 22-year-old detransitioner, an autistic woman who at 15 told her parents that she thought she was a trans male, and who was shunted into the pipeline.

The Florida law would not have helped this woman, but again, we have to start somewhere.

I rarely post memes, but this is a good one. Yay DeSantis! Disney can go to hell. And so can the GOP Transgender Surrender Caucus.


UPDATE.2: Commenter Triple36:

I’m in Florida, and what’s unfortunate about all this is there’s been no organized pushback against the “Don’t Say Gay” nonsense from those who support the bill. It’s like – DeSantis went out on this limb, and don’t get me wrong, there is **widespread** agreement with the basic tenets of the bill. But supporters have held no rallies (and tell me it wouldn’t be effective – hundreds/thousands of parents lined up all to repeat the same phrase: Stop sexualizing my children. Stop trying to indoctrinate my children).

Meanwhile the rainbow crowd has been **very** organized.

Florida is a very Republican state (in terms of utter GOP dominance of the state legislature; the Democrats are just flat-out pathetic) but to be a Republican in Florida is to be slavishly beholden to big business – Big Sugar, Big Phosphate (think Piney Point), the growth and development industry, etc. Social conservatism comes way down the list – and is often used as a means of keeping the plebs quiet while we pass more “pro-business” legislation.

DeSantis is cut from slightly different cloth; he may mean it, or at least his instincts tell him this could be a winning political issue (and those instincts are right, I think). But he’s not getting any backup. So maybe it is all for show. But if not – those who back this bill had better get their act together.

This is such an important point. Floridians who back the governor, stop being cowards. Say so! You want politicians to take tough stands defending us and the things we value? You can’t let DeSantis hang like this. I am reminded of the story I heard from a friend out in California who was with a group from conservative Christian colleges, going around trying to raise awareness and support to beat back an LGBT bill that would have resulted in the closure of a hundred or so small Christian colleges in California, or their compulsory rejection of Biblical teaching on LGBT. My friend told me his team went to talk to megachurch pastors in rich, relatively conservative Orange County. None would stand with those defending the independence of those colleges, even though they agreed with them. All those gutless pastors were afraid to be thought badly of by the media and middle-class normies. My contact told me that the only reason they prevailed was through the public support of black Pentecostal pastors in Los Angeles, and the Catholic archbishop of L.A., a Hispanic.

We are losing even popular causes like this because of the cowardice of so many. Live not by lies, for God’s sake!