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Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada
Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada
Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Isn’t that something, that view? That beer belongs to Peter Leithart, who was sitting to the left of the frame. I was drinking the same kind. What a gorgeous, gorgeous place. A group of us went walking in Johnson Canyon, part of Banff National Park, in the Canadian Rockies. Then we dropped by to see Lake Louise, which is still frozen over. We had a beer at the hotel on the lake.

I apologize for being away from the keys all day. I thought I would get some work done this afternoon, but we were in the mountains. I leave on a 6 am flight from Calgary in the morning, ultimately headed to Bozeman, Montana. Somehow, I went into the woods here in the Great White North without being molested by a Sasquatch. I hope I have similar luck in Montana.

Man, did I ever have a great time with these Lutherans up here!



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