James Pinkerton

James P. Pinkerton is a contributor to the Fox News Channel and a regular panelist on the Fox “News Watch” show, the highest-rated media-critique show on television. He is a former columnist for Newsday, and is the editor of SeriousMedicineStrategy.org. He has written for publications ranging from The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, National Review, The New Republic, Foreign Affairs, Fortune, The Huffington Post, and The Jerusalem Post. He is the author of What Comes Next: The End of Big Government--and the New Paradigm Ahead (Hyperion: 1995). He worked in the White House domestic policy offices of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush and in the 1980, 1984, 1988 and 1992 presidential campaigns. In 2008 he served as a senior adviser to the Mike Huckabee for President Campaign. Married to the former Elizabeth Dial, he is a graduate of Stanford University.

author archive

Nancy Pelosi’s Party: Billionaires and Drag Queens

The life-long pol espouses a combination of economic neoliberalism and progressive radicalism. But she also knows what wins.
James Pinkerton November 6, 2019

Can the Old Gods Survive Liberalism’s Furies?

R.R. Reno examines the demiurges that have shaped history, and now face threats from Silicon Valley to PC.
James Pinkerton October 30, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg Gets Medieval

As Facebook consolidates power, it's starting to feel like the old estate system all over again.
James Pinkerton October 23, 2019

The End of American Public Virtue

As Bloom worried and Gibbon chronicled, nations that lose their creed inevitably struggle. And what then?
James Pinkerton October 16, 2019

Will the Wealthy Find a Political Home With Warren?

Democrats are now the party of the rich. So where does this anti-Wall Street crusader possibly fit in?
James Pinkerton October 9, 2019

A Churchillian Effort to Shape Reagan’s Legacy

As the late British hero knew, one can't always let the facts speak for themselves. A little romance doesn't hurt.
James Pinkerton October 2, 2019

Trump and Modi: Score One for the ‘Nationalist International’

Looking at a map, we see the number of liberal globalist countries are in fact shrinking.
James Pinkerton September 25, 2019

Trump Revives a Tried and True Attack: Shaming Our Cities

From Baltimore to San Francisco, many of America's urban areas are blighted and in desperate need of reform.
James Pinkerton September 18, 2019