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James P. Pinkerton is a contributor to the Fox News Channel and a regular panelist on the Fox “News Watch” show, the highest-rated media-critique show on television. He is a former columnist for Newsday, and is the editor of He has written for publications ranging from The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, National Review, The New Republic, Foreign Affairs, Fortune, The Huffington Post, and The Jerusalem Post. He is the author of What Comes Next: The End of Big Government--and the New Paradigm Ahead (Hyperion: 1995). He worked in the White House domestic policy offices of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush and in the 1980, 1984, 1988 and 1992 presidential campaigns. In 2008 he served as a senior adviser to the Mike Huckabee for President Campaign. Married to the former Elizabeth Dial, he is a graduate of Stanford University.

Pope Francis’s Battle Against the Nation-State

Hence his rhetoric on immigration. He surely remembers that his Church has been strongest when nationalism is weakest.

Tulsi Gabbard and the Great Foreign Policy Realignment

Her anti-war candidacy, and Democrats’ growing hawkishness, show that the winds are blowing in a new direction.

The Revolt Against Our Eloi Elite

Neoliberal globalists are looking like the well-fed, soft and sheeplike characters in H.G. Wells’ ‘Time Machine.’ This can’t last.

When We Protected Women From the Wolves

Songs like “Baby It’s Cold Outside” can make us forget that society erected its sexual guardrails for a reason.

Why America Honors Her Heroes

We need them and the social solidarity that comes with standing behind them.

The Yellow Jackets Versus the European Empire

A Europe that doesn’t listen to its people’s outrage won’t remain intact.

Make the Rich Pay for Their Own Green Ideas

The elites are so sure they know what’s best for the ‘peons’–recent events say differently.

Hillary Clinton: Conservatives Were Right on Mass Migration

Progressives melt down after the Democratic doyenne denounces open borders here and in Europe.

California’s Green Ideology Has Left It Burning

The state didn’t invest in infrastructure and so the fires rage.

How Silicon Valley Can Reduce Social Pain For Once

Too many Americans, military and civilian, are killed by friendly fire. Big Tech might be able to help with that.

The Real Casualty of the Midterms: Big Politics

Voters don’t like it and so once again they’ve opted to divide power.

Why Does the Media Think Brazil’s Populism is Authentic But Not America’s?

Family values, tough on crime—this is what got Jair Bolsonaro elected. What about Trump?

Halloween Scares the Pants Off the Politically Correct

The movie’s surprisingly conservative themes show that Hollywood doesn’t always ram its politics down our throats.

The Unhinged Elizabeth Warren

Driving his opponents to do dumb things is one of Donald Trump’s greatest talents.

Brett Kavanaugh and the Right-Brained Rebellion

His was a victory for righteous passion over cold authoritarian PC.

Resisting Today’s Imperialist Temptation

A new book says nationalism isn’t the problem; it’s the antidote. But can that be true?

Kavanaugh’s Media Slaughter Inspires the Right to Slug Back

The embattled judge called out the Democratic ‘search and destroy’ mission, and gave colleagues a cause.

The Coming Sino-American Internet Schism

Get ready for a bifurcated web, divided according to the policies of the 21st-century superpowers.

Journalism Will Get Its Mojo Back

Its problems—from shuttered newspapers to Big Tech—are many, but the demand for information is still great.

Sweden: The Latest Nationalist Domino

Many populist uprisings begin just this way—when the people figure out that their government has been lying to them.

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