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Ukraine: Whose War Is This Anyway?

Report: America may soon have to decide whether to arm itself or its anti-Russian proxy
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Above, US M1 Abrams tank arrives in Poland for Ukraine.

Uh oh:


Within the next six months, the United States Navy may need to decide whether to arm itself or Ukraine due to a reported weapons shortage.

The comment was made Wednesday by Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro to a group of reporters on the sidelines of the 2023 Surface Navy Association National Symposium in Arlington, Virginia, Defense One editor Marcus Weisberger reported.

Weisberger tweeted that although the bulk of American weapons given to Ukraine are land weapons and not naval weapons, Del Toro's concerns are shared by others.

Russia is wrong, and ought to get out of Ukraine. That said, I'm glad somebody in Washington is looking out for American interests in all this:

Freshman Republican Sen. JD Vance is set to demand that the Biden administration release a "full crosscutting" report on the exact amount of security assistance that the United States has provided to Ukraine since February 2022 in order for lawmakers to "make a determination on the wisdom" of additional spending.

Fox News has exclusively obtained a letter that Vance, R-Ohio, intends to send to the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Shalanda Young.

The letter is currently circulating among Republicans in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. GOP Rep. Dan Bishop of North Carolina has signed onto the letter, as well as GOP Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri. 

"Congress has shelled out more than $100 billion in support to Ukraine since last February, yet we have zero insight into exactly what this money is being spent on," Bishop told Fox News Digital. "The American people deserve to know exactly where their money is going."

From the Washington Post:

In a statement, Vance told The Daily 202: "The American people deserve to know the extent to which they are underwriting our government’s endeavors in eastern Europe. I do not intend to sit back and allow the Biden Administration to keep this information under wraps.”


Here in Europe, I meet conservatives in different countries who tell me that it's very difficult to speak out against NATO policy on the Ukraine war without being accused of being a Putin simp -- even just to ask questions about whether it's really in Europe's interests to continue the fight. Hungarian PM Viktor Orban, the only European leader who keeps calling for peace before the war takes everybody down, will be vindicated by history, I think. You don't have to agree with him, but you ought to listen to him. For example, here he is on the West bleeding political capital on the global scene: