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It Was All A Grift

Court filings show Team Trump knew from start that 'stolen election' narrative was false
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Court documents show that Team Trump knew the “stolen election” story was fake from the beginning. From the NYT:

Two weeks after the 2020 election, a team of lawyers closely allied with Donald J. Trump held a widely watched news conference at the Republican Party’s headquarters in Washington. At the event, they laid out a bizarre conspiracy theory claiming that a voting machine company had worked with an election software firm, the financier George Soros and Venezuela to steal the presidential contest from Mr. Trump.

But there was a problem for the Trump team, according to court documents released on Monday evening.

By the time the news conference occurred on Nov. 19, Mr. Trump’s campaign had already prepared an internal memo on many of the outlandish claims about the company, Dominion Voting Systems, and the separate software company, Smartmatic. The memo had determined that those allegations were untrue.

The court papers, which were initially filed late last week as a motion in a defamation lawsuit brought against the campaign and others by a former Dominion employee, Eric Coomer, contain evidence that officials in the Trump campaign were aware early on that many of the claims against the companies were baseless.

Get this:
The documents also suggest that the campaign sat on its findings about Dominion even as Sidney Powell and other lawyers attacked the company in the conservative media and ultimately filed four federal lawsuits accusing it of a vast conspiracy to rig the election against Mr. Trump.
Powell and others are now being sued by Dominion over these false and allegedly defamatory claims. Think about that: the Trump campaign allowed its surrogates — including allies like the Evangelical broadcaster Eric Metaxas and the columnist Michelle Malkin, who are also being sued by Dominion — to make public statements it knew were false, and could potentially get them sued.
But the campaign chiefs didn’t care. Nor did they care that they put the country through months of political strife, undermining people’s confidence in democracy along the way. They didn’t care because Trumpism is grift.
I know this is hard for some folks, but it really is possible to say that the Left is bad in ten thousand ways, but it is also true that Trumpism is grift.
Nevertheless, two-thirds of Republican voters say they want Trump to be the 2024 nominee. Republican voters aren’t serious about governing. The woke Left is consolidating power across American institutions, but the Right is still fixated on the Grifter, who is too weak, scattered, and egotistical to face down the enemies of what we conservatives believe to be true.
Honestly, would you go to work for Trump, knowing that he knew from the beginning that the stolen election narrative was fake, but allowed his most devoted minions to set themselves up for legal peril anyway? Seriously, these people who truly believed in Trump, and magnified his false claims, are now facing potential financial ruin. And he let them carry on anyway.