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Ding Dong, The Witch Is … A Ding-Dong

Emily Kohrs, foreman of the grand jury investigating Donald Trump, shows that there's no limit to what Jobless Former Theater Kids can do
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Oh my, is this ever funny. The foreman of the Georgia grand jury investigating Donald Trump, Emily Kohrs, is an actual witch -- and a nut who has gone on a media tour that could imperil the case against Trump and friends.


This is a positive turn of events for Donald Trump and his associates, seems to me. How can the prosecutor indict when this crackpot is the face of the grand jury, and she has behaved so outrageously by walking right up to the razor's edge in what a grand jury member can say in public?

Turns out Lady Loonybird really is a witch:


Here's a close-up:

Awesome. Very stable, our Emily. Unemployed Former Theater Kids: Is there anything they can't do? From CNN:

The former US Attorney Harry Litman said on CNN on Wednesday that prosecutors have got to be “consternated” that a potential jury pool could be contaminated by Kohrs’ “odd 15-minute PR tour.”

But he acknowledged that her teasing suggestion that Trump could be indicted is nothing short of incredible.

“In terms of magnitude, I’m straining for the right adjectives, but it’d be the biggest thing that’s happened in the criminal law perhaps in American history, right? This has never happened to a former president,” Litman said.

Kohrs's wackadoodlery may not have legally imperiled the potential case against Trump and his associates, but politically, how on earth are you going to get anybody to take a prosecution seriously when the investigation was led by a coquettish dingbat who offers advice on which kind of weather is best for casting which kinds of spells? I mean, look, if the austere pagan leader John Michael Greer were on this grand jury, his religious beliefs would hardly have entered into the picture. He's a serious person, a mature thinker. I'd trust his judgment. But this kook Emily Kohrs is a Wiccan shanda for the goyim.

What a time to be alive!