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Trump Threatens To Make Political Prisoners

In fascist feint, POTUS, Gen. Flynn endorse call to arrest top Georgia officials
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Lin Wood is one of Trump’s lawyers. Look what he tweeted out, and that both Donald Trump and Ret. Gen. Mike Flynn retweeted:

The President of the United States retweeted a call to jail the Republican Governor of Georgia and the Republican Secretary of State of Georgia, because they will not help Trump’s effort to overturn the election.

Gen. Flynn, the star speaker at the Jericho March on Saturday, endorses arresting these duly elected political leaders. If you read my account of the march, you’ll know that Flynn told the crowd to stop listening to their minds, because that’s where fear lives, but instead to listen to their hearts, to their “gut instinct.” He, like most of the other speakers, said that God is on their side. Other speakers there said God told them to take up this cause.

Here are actual quotes from someone else who spoke at the march:

“I carry out the commands that Providence has laid upon me.”

“But if the voice speaks, then I know the time has come to act.” 

“We must distrust the intelligence and the conscience and must place our faith in our instincts.”

“My feeling as a Christian points me to my Lord and Saviour as a fighter.”

Lots of people at the march sounded those same themes. But all those were spoken by a single political leader. I lied — he wasn’t at the Jericho March. Those are quotes from Adolf Hitler. 

Don’t you dare “Godwin’s Law” me. We have today the President of the United States, as well as a retired military man who has risen to a position of leadership of the Christian resistance, publicly endorsing a call to jail two elected state officials — Republicans, even — because they will not do the political bidding of the president. Flynn calls for jailing elected officials in the name of “we the people.” That is objectively fascist.

This ought to be instantly disqualifying to every single sane patriot in this country. Of course Trump won’t get away with it if he tries to do it. But the fact that he’s willing to endorse it, and so is Gen. Flynn, a former high-ranking intelligence officer, is electrifying.

All you Christians who are with Trump and Flynn, do you see what you are doing? What about you Republican members of Congress, you Senators? What’s it going to take? Do you fear Donald Trump and his mob more than you love the Constitution?

I’m telling you, in the post Trump era, this Michael Flynn must not be allowed to get anywhere near power. I intend to do whatever I can to resist soft totalitarianism coming from the Left. But I also do not intend to tolerate authoritarianism coming from the Right.

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