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‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ Goes Both Ways

Yes, most libs lose their minds over Trump. But in a different way, so do a lot of conservatives -- at our own expense
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The closer we get to November, the more I'm getting really down about this Trump stuff.


Bonkers, just bonkers. He's the Democrats' best friend!



Along those lines, a conservative reader emails:

In “Tired of the Trump Drama,” you said:

Given the economic situation, and given how far to the Left the Biden Democrats have governed on social issues, Republicans ought to retake the house in a landslide, and ought to have a decent shot at winning the Senate. They're now talking about how the Senate looks increasingly out of reach for the GOP, and that the Democrats may not lose nearly as big in the House as they have feared -- and might even hold on to it.

At this point, I wouldn’t expect any kind of resounding outcome in November. Take a look at this latest CBS poll:

Now, it’s one poll, but given Biden’s low approval ratings and how things have been going generally, you’d expect to see more of a turn against the Left. However, these numbers almost never seem to change. Specifically, the fact that Republicans still cannot decisively win Independents is a very bad sign. You can decry the Democrats all you’d like, but the fact is, they do a much better job of winning over voters than the Republicans. When faced with a choice between someone who makes false promises vs. no promises at all, most people will always cast a vote for someone who promises them something. The student debt forgiveness is a perfect example. It’s bad policy, but it’s great politics.

Simply put – no matter Biden’s approval ratings, people don’t see a worthwhile alternative on the Right. Honestly, I can’t blame them, either. The Republicans really need to focus more at the local level and address serious concerns on the part of the public, this is their only route to victory.

That said, if I were to be cynical, I wouldn’t mind it if the Democrats continue to control government because if things are going to get worse, it’s better they be in charge than the Republicans. The problem is, by the time people realize the Democrats are the problem, it might be too late.

Yes, I will almost certainly vote for Trump if he is the 2024 nominee, because the party of child mutilators, liberal racism, and war with Russia is far worse than anything Trump is likely to do. But once again, I'm sick and tired of the conservative movement making itself beholden to the vagaries of Donald Trump's addled mind.

The damn country is falling apart, but we're talking about Trump, as if he is capable of doing anything other than making us talk about him, and wondering what he's going to do next. Seriously, the wheels are coming off in a big way, and the Right, which has a perfectly good, effective populist (or populist-adjacent) governor in Ron DeSantis, who could be the GOP standard-bearer in 2024, instead has its head up Trump's backside. Meanwhile, the Democrats rack up wins that they don't deserve. Republicans need independents. Trump is toxic to independents. I know how it goes: when people like me say that, some of you say "Trump Derangement Syndrome strikes again!" You know what? TDS goes both ways. It is keeping many of you from recognizing reality, and what is in the best interest of our troubled country.