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Transgender-ish Jesus

Exciting and by no means ridiculous insights from leading post-Christian theologians

Let joy be unconfined! Villanova’s Katie Grimes, America’s Theological Sweetheart™, has pronounced that Our Lord is kinda transgender. Excerpt:

Since Jesus had no human biological father, and since God, his heavenly Father, lacks a body, then Jesus was a man who likely had no Y chromosome. Would this not make Jesus more like a transgender person than a cis-gender one? We could grant Jesus a Y chromosome, but then we would have to assign his virgin mother Mary one as well. Either way, the miracle of sex-less conception suggests that Jesus can qualify as a “real man” only if Mary qualifies as something less than a “real woman.” (And I hope you can tell I that I am using quotation marks in order to signal extreme sarcasm).

The Christian case against transgender people typically trumpets the single line from Genesis in which God presumably created human beings “male and female” as evidence that God intends for each individual to be either male or female. In doing so, these Christians display more than just a disregard for both semantics and logic. They twist the word of God in the shape of their own preconceptions.

They do? Well, alright.

That one has no self-awareness. At all.

Meanwhile, the Joan of Arc of the progressive Evangelicals offers a mot for her flock:

Of course it did. Never mind all the concerns people have for their kids’ safety, or the far more serious concern about school districts like Fort Worth’s mandating the teaching of gender ideology in the classroom. It’s all just like Jim Crow! The girls’ locker room is the Edmund Pettus Bridge! Etc.

The Rachel Held Evanses and the Katie Grimeses of the world will do their very best to aid and abet the mainstream culture drive orthodox Christians into dhimmitude. The only comforting thing to take from all this is that progressive Christianity is the last stage before apostasy. So their time is short, but they can and will do a lot of damage before they’re done.