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Trans Propaganda, Blue And Red

As feeble as the GOP is at fighting gender ideology -- see below for depressing heartland news -- its always the Democrats who push it

That image above was making the rounds last week on social media, after the photographer posted it to his Instagram page. That, of course, is a man. That is a sick parody of motherhood, of the most intimate act a mother can do with her newborn. It's vile and yes, I would say even satanic. But this is our world today.


It occurred to me that this stuff always -- always -- comes from liberals and progressives, and from the Democratic Party. Not all liberals, and not all Democrats, support this filth, but of those who do support it, almost all of them are Democrats. You will almost never see the Democratic Party oppose anything the LGBT activists want. You regular readers know that I am a conservative, but not a registered Republican. I have all kinds of problems with the Republican Party, not least of which is the shameful (to the GOP) fact that activists Chris Rufo and Matt Walsh have done far more to fight back against this insanity than elected members of the Republican Party. Nevertheless, for the GOP, their sins on this front are ones of omission -- versus the sins of commission committed by the Democrats.

The insanity is channeled throughout the world through institutions controlled by liberals, such as media and universities, and populated by tame conservatives. There is no escape from it. Look at this recent event at a rural Nebraska university:

Here's Kearney. It's in the middle of nowhere:


"Healthy masculinity"? By having men walk in high heels across campus? And notice that the Greeks are co-sponsoring this. They know the keys to entering professional culture -- that you have to signal openness to this stuff.

I found out this from a Nebraska reader, who writes (I've slightly edited this, in particular using they/them pronouns, to protect his and his kid's privacy):

I wanted to pass this along to you. I know you likely see these things every day, but in case you wanted yet another example of the craziness of the times in which we live.

My kid is in their freshman year at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, one of several campuses within the University of Nebraska system. UNK used to be one of our state "teachers colleges" but was folded into the UN system some 30 years ago. Kearney, the city, (pronounced CAR-knee) is the original home of Fort Kearney, one of the outposts on the Oregon Trail, a staging area for the Pony Express, and one of the main stops on the Platte River valley road of the Union Pacific Transcontinental Railroad. The city is home to roughly 30,000 Nebraskans -- small by most American standards, but considered a "big town" in Nebraska. It is very rural, and as such, draws many, many kids from farms and ranches all over Nebraska, and carries with it many of those traditional values. The campus enrolls about 4,500 undergrads and another 1,800 postgraduate level students. Our kid chose it because its student body being mainly rural kids, they knew they would share many of the same "small town Nebraska" values with classmates. 

So our kid came home this weekend for fall break, and mentioned that on Friday there had been a "Walk in Her Shoes" rally on campus, where several men were parading around campus in high heels. Thinking maybe it was some kind of fundraiser, or other anti-domestic violence effort, I dug into it a bit. It turns out to have been organized -- surprise!!! -- by the school's official "Office of Diversity and Inclusion" -- and then supported by the Greek life community. And yet it was advertised as being something to "promote healthy masculinity."

This latter part is what's most galling to me. Of course I fail to see what is "promoting healthy masculinity" about men wearing pumps, high heels, and thigh-high lace-up stiletto-heeled boots. It makes an absolute mockery of what it means to be a woman. Fight against domestic violence and men beating the crap out of women? Yes, I'm wholly on board. Fight for equal pay? Yes, of course!

But some sort of pseudo-drag queen parade isn't healthy, and it sure as hell isn't masculine. I get that the gay and gender queer community wants to also show that gay, bi-, and trans men can be "masculine," too. But do they need to do it by misogynistic representation of what they think our culture says about women? It's the whole problem presented by the "Drag Queen Story Time" writ large -- let's exaggerate everything we think is supposedly "feminine", i.e., fake boobs, fake eyelashes, over-the-top makeup, and the thigh-high leather boots -- and deliver a backhanded slap against women while saying we support them. Talk about hatred of women!

I suppose I'm only showing my culturally privileged bias when I ask what we'd think if straight women organized a "Walk in His Shoes" rally, and then proceeded to dress as deer hunters with camouflage garb and orange neon vests while sporting rifles and cases of Busch Light, or donning a helmet and football pads and uniform, and then giving the impression that to dress like that is the only way to show masculine traits? And then what would we think if that behavior was said to "promote healthy femininity"? The world would think us bat-shit crazy.

So all of this is to say, simply, that this garbage is happening in rural, small-town Kearney, Nebraska! Yes, we might expect it from UC-Berkeley, or the University of Colorado in Boulder (Mary Jane/joint capital of college USA), but Kearney?!?!? And if it happens here, then it will happen everywhere in this country.

From the university website, here's a group of UNK men walking across campus in women's shoes, demonstrating that they will be good sheep once they get into corporate America, and are asked to compromise their dignity for the sake of some woke cause:

In the not too distant past, this kind of thing would have been seen as benign. Many years ago, the high school football team in my hometown used to do a drag dress up event as a fundraiser. It was a big joke, with the humor being that nobody ever thought that football players wanted to dress in drag, or should consider it a viable lifestyle option. Later, when an actual drag queen moved to town, somehow that guy got into the contest, and always one. He was not doing it as a joke; he was serious. Still, people tolerated it because he was kind of a clown figure. Everybody knew he took drag seriously, but no one else did, because schools weren't propagandizing young males into thinking that "healthy masculinity" could involve opening themselves up to dressing like women, and to gender fluidity.

Times have changed. Like the Nebraska reader, I am 100 percent in favor of efforts on campus to raise awareness of sexual violence, and to combat it. There are a million ways to do this without inviting men to wear female attire. In the context of, say, 1990, or even 2000, no problem. But in 2022? No. Not no, but hell no. See, this is how the corn-fed young people of Nebraska are induced into the world of genderfluidity: thanks in part to the taxpayers of Nebraska who fund Offices of Diversity And Inclusion on campuses. Y'all are paying for the enemy to capture the hearts and minds of your kids. Don't you get it? This is not just a Blue State thing.

UPDATE: Look at these idiots in Plano, these actual Texas adults who are watching this man dressed as a woman lip-synching for kids to a filthy song about "eating pussy" -- and they're just laughing right along. What is wrong with you people?!

UPDATE.2: Does this Arlington, Va., woman, or someone like her, teach your kids? She's not there to teach; she's there to indoctrinate. You'd better find out. She's preying on autistic kids. She could wreck their lives.


UPDATE.3: Well, what do you know, good news from House Republicans! Thank you. More, please.

Just to point out that this is a slightly weaker version of what Hungary's Parliament did in summer of 2021. European governments went berserk over the BIGOTRY. Viktor Orban is the honey badger prime minister, though. He's going to do whatever it takes to protect Hungarian kids from groomers.

UPDATE.4: Click on this and read the whole thread. This is what's going on in our country.

I can't remember if I posted this interview here or not. It first appeared on my subscription-only Substack. I met this chaplain last week in Michigan. He gave me permission to publish this if I didn't use his name:

The pastor is a longtime chaplain for law enforcement agencies, at various levels, including state, local, and national. He was at Ground Zero serving in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attack. A combat veteran of Vietnam and an ordained minister for decades, because of his training and experience, he is sometimes called in to minister to law enforcement officers who are dealing with especially traumatic cases. I am going to call him “Chap,” for “chaplain,” in this account. The message of his story is that there is evil afoot in this world so vile and uncontrollable that the only defense against it is a strong faith in God. Here’s the transcript of our conversation:

You were telling me something about one part of the country where you serve, how calm and beautiful it is, but how that’s on the surface. Can you tell me more?

We get so accustomed to seeing the physical beauty around us that we forget that underneath that beauty, evil is still there. In my years of serving as chaplain for various law enforcement agencies, I’ve seen that the men and women who serve there live in that dark world that many of us never get to see. There have been many times in the last thirty some-odd years that I’ve served that I’ve seen this become real in my life as a minister.

One situation in particular comes to mind. There was a bank robbery in the Midwest. As a chaplain, I was called to those kinds of events where there was a lot of violence, bloodshed, and killing — the worst sides of life that affect law enforcement who have to deal with it head-on. At this bank, a group of men came to the bank with the intention of robbing it. They took over the bank and easily overcame the guard. They put him in a corner, and started collecting money from the tellers. You could see in the security camera tapes the eyes of the tellers, watching these young men come in and violently take over their lives with guns in their faces.

I heard the story from the agents sent there to investigate the crime scene. They were absorbed in the aftermath. As the robbers went from teller to teller sticking guns in tellers’ faces demanding cash, one of the robbers confronted a teller who was trying to unlock her drawer, and was panicking. She looked up at him, and he made some comment like, “Why are you looking at me?” He had a gun six inches from her face. He shot her dead.

Over the next ten minutes or so, each person in that office was killed — mostly by that same guy, but one other of the gang took part as well. Five people were murdered that morning. The scene was beyond description. And they left. By then, law enforcement had been notified. The search was underway. The gang didn’t realize that the car they stole to get away was equipped with Lojack, an electronic chip that helps police find stolen cars. After a day, they found this crew of murderers in a motel, reveling over what they had done. Finally the police arrested them.

Here is the part where evil really comes in. I was out there with my team about 72 hours after it all happened, to help the officers deal with what they had seen. It has been proven that early intervention can help mitigate the effects of PTSD for soldiers, firefighters, and police officers who have to face down trauma. One of the agents wanted to talk to me privately. He confessed to me that he was a strong Catholic, but the urges that he had when apprehending this gang to execute them on the spot, due to the nature of their crime, overwhelmed him to the point where he felt guilty for wanting to take a life. He had to talk about it.

He told me that as he interrogated the ringleader, the man who had started this carnage, the guy had been flippant from the moment they arrested him. He was not remorseful. He was nothing but terrible. In the interrogation, he stopped, leaned forwards towards the agent, and said to him, calmly, “You can put me away” — and then he pointed his finger at the agent’s head — “but I will always be in your head, and I will never leave it.” Then he just sat back. The agent said he just recoiled into his seat, not knowing what to do with that.

He told me, “Chaplain, at that moment, I felt like I was sitting there face to face with the devil. That he was talking to me directly, and putting a curse on me. I’m trying to deal with this. I can’t sleep.”

The agent went through a whole litany of things that were affecting him. We talked for a long time. I’m happy to say that after a while, this agent, who had not only been exposed to that horrific crime scene, but had been directly confronted by demonic evil, was able, with God’s help, to endure. But there was a battle going on inside of him.

Earlier today we were talking about this battle going on in our world in which sexual perversion is becoming more and more explicit. You were telling me how that there’s so much more that goes on unseen in this world, but that law enforcement knows about, and chaplains like you who minister to law enforcement know about. Could you talk about that?

It’s a terrible, dark area that is lying underneath all the good you see in the world. We’re talking about sick perversions, bestiality, mutilations, terrible cult-type worship that revolves around sexual perversion. It’s even in beautiful places where you wouldn’t think that anything like that could exist. The people I’ve worked with as chaplain, they are men and women who spend their entire professional lives delving as deep into depravity as you can get on the Internet. It takes them to places that I can’t even begin to talk about, that are beyond anything you would ever think humanly possible, that a human being would do to another. Involving all ages, both sexes.

It’s horrific. And yet, it’s so easily accessible through easy portals where lonely people can connect with these evil ones, only to find that they get sucked down a rabbit hole of destruction and horror. There are men and women out there who are trying to protect us, who have to deal with it, and they themselves are being traumatized by exposure to such evil things. They can’t get this stuff out of their heads. It becomes a part of them — especially things involving perversions with children. Many officers and agents who have children can’t stop imagining their own children being sucked into these kinds of things. It’s terrifying even to let your child leave the house.

People like me try to be there to put our arms around them and let them talk about it, but not allowing ourselves to see what they actually live with ten, twelve, sixteen hours a day looking at the most horrific things. They see the evil of the devil and his minions destroying the lives of people. It’s everywhere, from the rural areas to the cities. No place is safe from it. It’s far more serious than we want to think.

What has that led you to conclude about the spiritual nature of the battle we’re all in?

God tells us in His Word that we are engaged with forces that far exceed our capacity to understand, and that there is an absolute necessity to depend on the Holy Spirit working actively in our hearts and minds to help us fight the battle. There is a spiritual war going on for the hearts and minds of people. And yes, it does reach the depths of evil that passes our understanding. Satan is constantly trying to enter through cracks and flaws that we might have, to manifest his power and his hatred and his ability to tear us away from the only thing that will save us, Our Lord and Savior Jesus. We have to try to bring Christ’s spiritual power and presence to bear against it, to somehow help us all get through it.

We are in a war. In some parts of the world, it’s even deeper than what we see here, but all humanity shares this common enemy. He’s evil. He doesn’t care what he does, or how he does it. He doesn’t take any sides. He just wants to destroy, and to separate people by force from the only hope they have, which is God. When you start to become a part of that war at the law enforcement level, and start talking about it with people outside of that world, they look at you like you must be exaggerating. I can tell you, this is real, and it’s deeper than you can easily comprehend.

How does faith help agents and others on the front lines? How about those who don’t have faith? How do they deal with it?

For those who don’t have faith, we try to convey to them somehow the hope that we believers have, the power that God gives to us — not because we’re worthy — to help defend us against the kinds of things that leave us feeling defenseless. That hope in Christ where when he said, “I will be with you always,” he means it. Even if we have to go down, he’s there with us in the trenches. He’s not leaving us. Our faith is never perfect, but when you can give witness to that, to express to someone who feels like they’re about to fall into the abyss, that hey man, the Lord is here, that is powerful. You do what you can to show to those suffering people that wherever you go, Christ will be able to help you with those memories, with those images of the things that you saw, to help you deal with them, and place them in a place where they are no longer a threat. Christ can help you put Satan out of the picture, and put you back on the path away from the abyss, and to realize that we are all in this together, and that He is with us always.

I remember right after 9/11, days after, I was standing in the pit, in the rubble, which was still smoldering, and still hot. I prayed, “God, what do you want me to do in this place.” You could feel the presence of evil there. I saw a firefighter, a young man kneeling there, resting, at the foot of an eight-story pile of rubble. He had a firefighter’s pike in his hand, and he was kneeling. I walked up to him, wearing a jacket that identified me as a chaplain. Without even looking at me, the man said, “I should have been here.” I just stood there.

He said, “My whole company is in there. I called in sick. I should have been there.”

He said, “I’m not leaving here till I find somebody.”

He reached around my leg, and he just held my leg. I just put my hand on his shoulder. I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t think of a prayer. I just squeezed his shoulder. He grabbed me so hard around the knees. At that moment, I felt the presence of Christ.

Even today. [Chap’s voice cracks]

He stood up, and without looking at me, said, “I’ve got to go back.” And I never saw him again.

Good was there. Times when you’d stand there with the stench, and the horror of it all, hardly being able to breathe … . One day I was standing there right at the foot of a pile of rubble, and I looked up, and the sky had turned blue, and a cool breeze blew, and I felt the presence of Christ amid such evil. I knew that while we were there experiencing the worst things anybody would ever have to see, Jesus was there, and he was taking people, and holding people, and comforting people. Then a moment later, everything got hazy and smoky and smelly again, but for that brief moment, I felt Christ. Despite what we could see, he was there trying to overcome the evil that was trying to destroy us.

There are some people who would hear that, and say, “Jesus, you were there in the suffering, but why didn’t you stop the hijackers?”

There are no good answers. But I go back to Christ, in his suffering, in his death, hanging on the Cross, crying out, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Why? Because of me. So I would never have to experience that, even in horrific death. He will never leave me. He made that promise to us in his blood. He was the victor, for me. So that we can face the evils of the world, when God doesn’t intervene.

Plenty of times God does intervene. He does say, “Stop!”, and evil doesn’t play out to the bitter end. But other times He doesn’t. From what I’ve seen, I can say that the world is a terrible place. We live in sin. But He is there with us. It’s hard to understand, but I believe that. He died for us.

We have to tell people that we are in warfare, right now. In our country, we certainly don’t have the level of persecution that many of our Christian brothers and sisters around the world have, but here, we’re starting to see it more and more. On the near horizon, there are probably things ahead that we can’t bear to think about. I’m not trying to be defeatist, but having read the end of the story in the Bible, I know that things are going to get worse. This world is not going to save itself, despite what leaders tell us, that all we have to do is hold hands and sing kum-ba-ya, and it’ll all be fine. We’re not destined to go that way. God has told us how it’s going to be, and that in the end, there will be complete victory. But there is warfare now, and like any soldier, we have to be prepared for combat at all times.

I’m sure for those people in the bank, they weren’t thinking about dying horrifically that day. Or the little girl kidnapped by a pervert in Missouri, and for a day and a half, sexually abused, and ultimately buried alive — that that was going to happen to her when she went out into the cul de sac by her front yard. She didn’t know she was going to be snatched by a man in a pick-up truck. It can happen at any time. The battle at some times can be subtle, and at some times it can be direct, just like in real combat. You never sleep too far from your rifle, because the war is always there.

You were involved in the case of that little girl?

Yes. Yes, and what made it doubly difficult was the agents that I served with, most of them had young girls the same age. And when they encountered the killer later on along the railroad track, with a broken knee, and the grave not too far away, the man was flippant about what he had done to the little girl, and how he relished what he did. Without exception, those officers who apprehended him had to be restrained from summarily executing that man on the spot, by the tracks. They struggled with that. And then later when he was in jail, he complained that his television set didn’t have pornography on it that he could watch, throwing his waste on the jailers because they weren’t serving him.

How do you deal with it yourself? You help remove the burden from these men, but who removes the burden from you?

My wife of all these years has been the greatest source of my strength. We’ve shared things — sometimes not in the depth of detail that I would share easily, but she knows the things that I have seen and heard and been exposed to. There was a friend down South I talked to all the time when I was stationed at Ground Zero, a retired firefighter who had seen some things. Just sharing with men who know what it’s like to deal with horror up close. Pastors have been encouraging. The people in my congregations have been encouraging. But I have to say the greatest source of all has been my wife. Nobody can carry these things alone.

What brought this to mind after seeing the "Vannelope" thing was what started the conversation between the chaplain and me: his telling me that there is so much child sex abuse going on in the world, for profit, that many people would lose their minds if they knew what was really happening.