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The Ongoing Starvation of Yemen

The Saudis and their allies are starving the country to death with the support of our government.

Lara Jakes reports on the continuing deterioration of conditions in Yemen:

An estimated 25,000 additional Yemeni civilians each day are being pushed toward starvation [bold mine-DL] as fighting continues in the nation’s civil war and an ongoing Saudi Arabia blockade limits food, water, fuel and other aid from entering the country, Oxfam International concluded in a new report Monday.

It bears repeating that much of Yemen’s current suffering owes to the Saudi-led intervention and blockade of the country, and the U.S. has backed both for the last four months. Thanks to the blockade, the civilian population is being deprived of essential food, medicine, and fuel. As I mentioned last week, Yemen is also suffering from serious water shortages and the related outbreak of disease because of a lack of fuel and damage to the country’s infrastructure. Yemen already had serious problems with food insecurity and inadequate water supply before the war, but the intervention has made all of the country’s many problems so much worse.

The civilian population faced great difficulties before the blockade, but they are now under extraordinary, cruel pressures because of the Saudis’ outside interference in a local conflict. The Saudis and their allies are starving the country to death with the support of our government, and Yemen will soon be the latest to suffer from a man-made and entirely avoidable famine unless the blockade is lifted. The fighting has already claimed thousands of lives, many of them civilians, and the ensuing ravages of famine and pestilence will claim many thousands more if these conditions are allowed to worsen any more. The war on Yemen becomes more of a disaster for the people of Yemen every day, and the U.S. continues to back it with almost no scrutiny here at home.



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