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The Insanity Of Transgenderism

What is this phenomenon really about? Read the Human Rights Campaign's glossary for the ugly truth
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Here, in an advice to “safer” transgender sex, is a list of definitions put out by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, the biggest and most powerful LGBT lobby in the country. (A PDF of the whole document is here, and it’s definitely NSFW, unless you work in a gay bar or on a humanities faculty.):

So, “human rights” now entails referring to a woman’s genitalia as a “front hole.” The “vagina” is the result of having your penis amputated.

These insane people are driving culture and even law. This stuff is only tangentially related to gay rights. It is possible to be for full rights for gay people, without having to endorse this kind of psychotic stuff. But we are not being given that choice. Every one of the Democratic House members, and all the Democratic presidential candidates, support the Equality Act, which would require everyone to accept these claims as civil rights. The HRC normalizes and amplifies this madness, and gives it serious cultural force.

Amy Welborn has a strong piece about “the reality of sex and the lie of gender identity.” Excerpts:

This is a bizarre, deeply damaging moment we’re living in, driven by a tiny minority of people suffering various forms of mental illness. And yes, there are various forms. Once you start looking into this world, you come to understand that there is really no such thing as the monolithic, gentle group of “trans folks” we’re gently reminded to welcome by gentle Father Martin, all gently seeking understanding for their differences.

There are different iterations and roots of this type of dysphoria, like any mental illness, not all understood. There are men who experience this desire, frankly, as a fetish. It’s called autogynephilia, and it’s a thing—a male being aroused by the idea of himself as a woman. There are young people who have been abused, who are on the spectrum, who are deeply influenced by what they see online; there are preteen and teen girls who are confused, disturbed, and revolted by the physical changes they’re experiencing and put off by the crass sexual expectations of youth culture. There are teen-aged girls and boys, young adults, who look at this weird world of strict gender conformity, the land of pink or the land of blue, and think…I don’t fit here. I’m different. Maybe I fit…there. 

There’s a lot to say and lot to do and much to resist, but here’s the bottom line at the present moment: Resist and reject “gender self-identity” in all spheres of life, including the law. 

That is to say: you are not a woman because you believe you are; you’re not a man because you’ve decided you are. You’re a woman because you are an adult human female. You’re a man because you are an adult human male. You may be wearing a dress and a wig, but you are still a man. Adult human male.

For this—the notion that one can simply decide one’s gender and then merit treatment and rights on that score—is the root of most current trans activism, including political activism, embodied in this country in the so-called Equality Act, endorsed by all the current Democratic candidates for president and passed by the House last spring. Most people don’t understand this. They think that “trans rights” is all about not being mean to people who have gone through counseling and years of medical treatment and surgery—right? Nope. Not at all.

At the core of the Equality Act, and similar efforts in England, is the notion that a person should be treated according to the gender he or she (?) claims, even if they are still physically intact, have never had surgery, and maybe never even intend to. It doesn’t matter if they “pass” or not, or what they look like to you.


If you have the opportunity to interact with a politician who claims support for the Equality Act, ask them questions about it and don’t let go. Don’t accept platitudes. Ask, over and over—Should any biological male who says he is female be granted access to women’s spaces, such as locker rooms? Well, we need to be an inclusive society, welcoming of all people. Great. Should any biological male who says he is female be granted access to women’s spaces, such as locker rooms and restrooms? Trans folks experience a lot of discrimination, you know. That’s too bad. Should any biological male who says he is female be granted access to women’s spaces such as locker rooms, restrooms, and prisons? I’m for equality for all people. Good for you. Should any biological male who says he is female be granted access to women’s spaces, such as locker rooms, restrooms, prisons, and shelters for abused women?

A frequent response to these arguments involves taking great offense at the supposed implication that a transgender person should be suspect. No. The argument against self-identification laws like the Equality Act is not about laying suspicion on transgender persons. It’s saying that someone who seeks to harm women or girls could easily take advantage of such a situation—with legal protection.

She’s right about that. You had better start putting these hard questions to politicians. Our news media will not do it. They are sold out to gender ideology. A massive change is happening now in this country, and across the West generally. It is being sold as something it is not — and people who reject these lies are being stigmatized, and in some places are already at risk of legal jeopardy. If the Equality Act passes, there will be no place to hide, legally.

Read the whole thing. Welborn, who published this piece in Catholic World Report, reflects on the roots of this madness, and what we might learn from it. Gentle Father Martin, who enjoys the favor of the Gentle Pope Francis, is lying to people. He is probably lying to himself. So are a lot of well-intended people — gentle folks all, who don’t want any trouble, and who just want to be nice and respectable and caring. These lies carry unfathomably significant consequences. We have to stop using therapeutic euphemisms to describe what this is. In this sense, the vulgar missive from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation serves a valuable purpose: to put it in people’s faces what, exactly, the trans movement and their allies want.

A world where vaginas are called “front holes,” and cavities carved out of a man’s body where his penis and testicles once were are called “vaginas.” The inversion is no accident. Think, people!


UPDATE: Today the Court of Appeals in British Columbia has upheld the right of a minor child to receive transgender treatment without parental consent.

UPDATE.2: Reader Mrs DK, a parent of a transitioning adult child, comments:

When parents from the non-partisan Kelsey Coalition walked the halls of the House and Senate last year, it was the Dems who weren’t listening. They had parents who are lifelong Democrats, including lesbian and gay parents, talking to them about the blatant medical malpractice going on in the name of gender identity ideology. We mentioned the growing number of detransitioners, most of whom are same-sex attracted, many dealing with ongoing issues from rapid medical transition based on gender stereotypes. Their response? “I’ve never thought about it.” What we said did not match the HRC narrative, which owns them. Their response was a blank.

Check out the Kelsey Coalition website. They’re an interesting group — not political, just grieving parents who are watching their children wreck their bodies and their lives, and who are trying to wake us up to the reality of what’s happening.

UPDATE.3: A reader points out that the announcement of a British organization for gays, lesbians, and bisexual people, excluding trans people, has caused quite a stir. Here’s the report from Out.com. Excerpt: