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The Controlled Demolition of Andrew Cuomo

He's under fire for his nursing home policy. Just don't expect that standard to be applied to Gretchen Whitmer and others.
The Controlled Demolition of Andrew Cuomo

Steve Cuozzo over at the New York Post reminds us today that Governor Andrew Cuomo’s wrongs go well beyond sex pestilence:

Lest anyone forget, Cuomo’s Health Commissioner, Howard Zucker, on March 25, 2020, ordered the state’s 619 nursing homes to take in hospitalized COVID-19 patients “requiring acute care.” It was supposedly based on federal rules, but they included no such requirement.

Nursing homes, typically overcrowded, understaffed and poorly run, are ideal environments for spreading the virus. The result: a long-term-facilities death toll which the state first put at 8,505, but which it revised in January to at least 12,743 after months of public pressure to include victims who contracted COVID in nursing homes but didn’t die until they were sent to hospitals. Last month, facing even more pressure, the state owned up to an unimaginable 15,000 fatalities.


You’d think that such a mass-scale tragedy driven by a reckless government order would be ample cause to remove the governor. But, no — state legislators sat on their hands until they were prompted to action by what the woke world regards as an even graver offense: Cuomo’s alleged sexual harassment of seven women, five of whom are former female staffers.

He’s right, and it’s worth noting that conservatives have been chattering about Cuomo’s nursing home problem since last summer, before his intelligence-insulting speech at the Democratic convention, before his profiteering book deal. Yet as progressives now suddenly pretend to notice, we should ask how far they’re willing to go. What of Governor Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan, who implemented a similar nursing home policy, refused to provide accurate death toll data, and now finds herself embroiled in a health department-related hush money scandal? What of Governor Tom Wolf in Pennsylvania, who also signed a Cuomo-esque nursing home order?

That the national outrage is centered only on Cuomo suggests this is a controlled demolition of a Democrat who’s outlived his convenience. Don’t expect the greater principle to be applied; don’t expect the narrative to change.



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