Matt Purple

Managing Editor

Matt Purple is the managing editor of The American Conservative. Prior to that, he worked as the assistant managing editor at The American Spectator and as deputy editor for Rare Politics. His work has appeared in National ReviewThe National Interest, the UK Spectator, the Washington Times,, and elsewhere. A native of Avon, Connecticut, he currently lives in Virginia.

author archive

America’s Foreign Policy: Bombing Castles in the Sky

Our elites have turned Syria into a fantasy land of good and bad guys, even though the reality is always more complicated.
Matt Purple November 7, 2019

When C.S. Lewis Predicted Our Doom

He worried about a dystopian future in which man tries to play God and fails.
Matt Purple October 31, 2019

Tulsi Versus Clinton World: The Fight Democrats Need to Have

She's the antithesis of everything Hillary stands for, especially when it comes to America's wasteful wars.
Matt Purple October 23, 2019

Down With the Clapback

In the age of Twitter, sassy personal attacks have become a method of left-wing cultural enforcement, displacing argument.
Matt Purple October 17, 2019

The Imperialistic Sohrab Ahmari

His almost-integralism might be silly but it has something crucial in common with his foreign policy views.
Matt Purple September 10, 2019

The Perverted Face of Elite America

In our tense populist moment, Jeffrey Epstein's crimes land like a grenade.
Matt Purple August 15, 2019

Washington Melts Down Over Trump’s Syria Withdrawal

Their obsession with Vladimir Putin misses the point and obscures the hard costs of our military misadventures.
Matt Purple December 21, 2018

Oscar Wilde’s #MeToo Trial

The Irish playwright caused a firestorm in his day. Can we forgive our artists' worst sins?
Matt Purple December 6, 2018