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The Imperialistic Sohrab Ahmari

His almost-integralism might be silly but it has something crucial in common with his foreign policy views.

The Two-Faced Elizabeth Warren

She’s a Harvard elite yet her economic ideas land well in a populist age. Which image will stick?

The Perverted Face of Elite America

In our tense populist moment, Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes land like a grenade.

Washington Melts Down Over Trump’s Syria Withdrawal

Their obsession with Vladimir Putin misses the point and obscures the hard costs of our military misadventures.

Oscar Wilde’s #MeToo Trial

The Irish playwright caused a firestorm in his day. Can we forgive our artists’ worst sins?

Oscar Wilde’s #MeToo Trial

The Irish playwright caused a firestorm in his day. Can we forgive our artists’ worst sins?

Jonah Goldberg’s Burkean Turn

His latest book is a flawed but valuable warning not to forsake our national inheritance.

Anthony Bourdain, American Tour Guide

He loved culinary localism, hated McDonald’s, and embodied the hedonist we all secretly want to be.

Tom Wolfe’s Tribalist America

Remembering the late great reporter-novelist who ventured into our mists and foresaw our present crisis.

Millennials’ Bush Hangover

The young, more so than their elders, have swung hard against military adventurism. What accounts for this change?

My High Schoolers Know More About Gun Control Than Your High Schoolers

On the dangers of Twitter mobs and conscripting teenagers into proxy wars.

A Madman on the National Security Council

John Bolton is that most ludicrous of creatures: the unreconstructed Bush-era foreign policy thinker.

The Iraq War’s Age of Madness

Beyond wrecking the Middle East, the period was a blow to our national psyche—from which we have yet to recover.

Conor Lamb: Lunchpail Democrat, Trumpian Republican

He delivered a likely win for Democrats last night—and showed how thoroughly our politics have been scrambled.

Classical Illiberals

Max Boot and Jennifer Rubin are wrong to claim classical liberalism as their own.

The Everymen of CPAC

It’s the maintenance workers and taxi drivers who are always most interesting. Talking to those outside your political tribe must not become a lost art.

A Lament for the Tea Party

It changed our politics, briefly, fleetingly. Now Congress’s latest budget shows the GOP is back to its Bush-era ways.

Populism and the Patriots

Super Bowl LII had all the exhilaration of beating the establishment, which is exactly what America wanted.

The Churchill We Misremember

We’ve turned him into a moralizing rallying call towards every war imaginable. In reality, he was far more complex than that.

Imagining an Authoritarian

Nicholas Kristof wonders if Trump is our first president with autocratic tendencies. Where has he been for the past 15 years?

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