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Exit Batman Villain, Stage Left

Andrew Cuomo is about to fall amid sexual harassment allegations. Let's not forget he also utterly mismanaged the pandemic.
Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo is about to fall from grace and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. From the New York Times:

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, including current and former government workers, breaking state and federal laws and engaging in a pattern of unwanted touching and inappropriate comments, according to a much anticipated report from the New York State attorney general, Letitia James, released on Tuesday.

The 165-page report said that Mr. Cuomo, a third-term Democrat, and his aides cultivated a toxic work culture in his office that was rife with fear and intimidation, and helped enable “harassment to occur and created a hostile work environment.”

The report included at least two previously unreported allegations of sexual harassment from women who accused Mr. Cuomo of improperly touching them, including an unnamed female state trooper and an employee of an energy company. And it highlighted at least one instance in which Mr. Cuomo and his aides retaliated against one of the women who made her allegations public.

The man is a pig and won’t be missed even among the shouters and brawlers of New York politics. Yet it’s also hard not to notice that he’s been disgraced on decidedly left-wing terms. The #MeToo stuff is awful, yet let’s not forget that Cuomo utterly mismanaged the Empire State’s COVID response. He crammed contagious seniors into nursing homes and left an empty medical ship floating in the harbor. He feuded constantly with Bill de Blasio and wielded one of the heaviest lockdown hands in the country. He responded to any criticism of this with arrogance and barking noises.

Yet he was feted by the press, handed a plum book deal, and given a primetime slot at the Democratic convention. Now his former defenders have turned on him. Let’s not forget how wrong they were the first time around.