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Antiracist Bullies Torment Mentally Ill Worker

SJW social media big, a self-described 'race baiter', promotes video of black man bullying white hotel clerk into breakdown
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This is who Tariq Nasheed is:

I had never heard of him. He is apparently an evil person, as you’ll see below. A reader sent in this letter:

Americans don’t want a race war in this country, but that’s exactly what they’re going to get if this sort of thing keeps happening.

It starts with self-described “race-baiter” Tariq Nasheed posting this video on Twitter:

I’m not sure who filmed this video, but, I highly doubt this person is going to get canceled for harassing a service worker, whom we’re frequently lectured by our betters to never mistreat. For the record, I believe in treating everyone in any occupation with due respect, whether they’re high on the totem pole or at the bottom.

Anyway, it turns out, like always, there was more to the story:

Rod here. If you click on the image, it purports to be comments by the young white man in the video. He says that he has bipolar disorder, and was having a meltdown, and that the black guy harassing him called him a “faggot” (he’s gay). Here’s a close-up:

Back to the reader’s e-mail:

Now, I realize all this isn’t exactly verifiable. Hard to tell where actuality begins and ends anymore on social media. However, none of this is shocking. Certain people in this country are handed free license to do and say whatever they want under the guise of oppression. They’re not second-class citizens, as they assert, but they’re actually among the most privileged in this country, because there’s no greater power than to be able to behave however you want without consequence.

This is more evidence at how baked in racialism has become in this country. Being LGBTQ and mentally ill, two other causes celebres for the Woke Left, won’t save you if you’re White and accused of racism by someone who’s Black. The hotel clerk in that video is already fighting an uphill battle, but he now has to deal with being exposed to the world because someone chose to get very angry at him. I watched a video yesterday with Glenn Loury and John McWhorter (both Black) who talked about the pervasiveness of the “Bad-Ass Motherf**ker” mentality within the Black community and how they feel they have to behave in such a degenerative fashion because that’s what gives them credibility in society. What we see in the encounter with the hotel clerk is precisely that.

Lots of respondents might say, “Don’t make a big deal out of one incident just because you saw it on social media.” First, social media has become our new public square. Second, if this were a White person harassing a Black, gay, mentally ill hotel clerk, would this not be a big deal? Third, I’ve experienced this sort of behavior firsthand and known people, including hotel clerks, who experienced the same incident like the one seen in the video above. Third, watch this next video. How many times have you seen this play out before? And look at how nobody intervenes. Nobody intervenes because they don’t want the fists turned against them and also because they don’t want to be accused of racism in the process. What other group in this country wields this sort of power over all others?

What troubles me about this isn’t so much that its happening (unfortunate as that is). What troubles me is, as a society, we’re in complete denial about it and will tolerate it out of fear and out of a sense of justice. Kind of makes you wonder what else we’re willing to tolerate out of fear and a sense of justice…

Well, yes. If you watch the video of the white guy, it’s both infuriating and heartbreaking. He is being tortured by this jackass who only wants to make a video that he can hope goes viral. The poor young man sobs, “You’ve ruined my life,” then exits to wail. He no doubt was thinking that this cruel video was going to be used to “prove” that he is a racist, and cancel him. In fact, it shows that the black man who made it is a lowlife of the highest order. The fact that Tariq Nasheed promotes this sadistic trash as some sort of antiracist victory makes him equally a lowlife.

I hope you will watch the video — you can’t really see the hotel worker’s face; if you could, I would not have posted it — and see just what kind of hate gets dished out and celebrated for the sake of “social justice” and “antiracism.” As the reader says, this is not going to end well for America.




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