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Ruling Class Turns On Conservative Americans

Former top spy Gen. Michael Hayden says GOP are worst people in the world. Is he alone among his professional class?
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Did you see the tweet by Gen. Michael Hayden, the former CIA director? I wish to associate myself with these two comments by friends of mine:


Yes, imagine. Imagine that powerful elites like Gen. Hayden, who also ran the National Security Agency, and who have access to information about every single one of us (if you haven't read Edward Snowden, you need to inform yourself), think that their fellow Americans who belong to the conservative political party are a greater threat to this country than Islamic extremist terrorists, Communist fanatics like North Korea's regime, Putin's Russia, the Iran of the ayatollahs, or any other political bad guys. Gen. Hayden thinks Republicans are worse. As bad as Nazis: here's what he tweeted about the Trump administration's policy of temporarily separating children from the lawbreaking immigrant parents at the border:

Think about that. You don't have to have supported the Trump Administration's policy to understand that it was in another moral galaxy from freaking Auschwitz! But Gen. Hayden, the man who was America's top spy, now thinks Republicans are the most dangerous people on the planet.


It is impossible to believe that he is alone among his class and in his professional milieu in holding that opinion.

Are there any institutions left in this country that are trustworthy, and that the average American can have confidence won't be weaponized and used against him and his family? All those people who came to America from Communist countries seeking freedom, and who are now speaking out, saying that America is turning into a version of what they left behind (this is what my book Live Not By Lies is about) -- they see it. They see what the ruling class, what the Cathedral, is doing. Do you?

See, this is why though I don't trust Donald Trump as far as I could throw him, and why I wish he would go away, I cannot trust the narrative of US Government agencies when it comes to him. Even if they're telling the truth, they simply cannot be believed on the face of it.

You want to talk about nihilism? Five former CIA directors -- including Gen. Hayden -- and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, all signed a public letter prior to the 2020 election, saying that stories about Hunter Biden's laptop were probably Russian disinformation. They lied. They lied to get Joe Biden elected. And they must have known they were lying. You don't rise to that level of the spy services by being an idiot.

Why do we believe a damn thing elites like Michael Hayden say about anything? Do they have any idea how much they discredit core American institutions? Hannah Arendt said a widespread loss of faith in a nation's institutions is a precursor to totalitarianism. If, God forbid, it ever happens in this country, remember the role that Gen. Hayden and his elite professional class played in getting us there.


UPDATE.2: Ah, don't forget the woke CIA recruitment ads. 'Memba this one?