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Report: Heather Nauert Will Be Nominated as U.N. Ambassador

This is just the latest sign that Trump doesn't value diplomats or diplomacy.
heather nauert

Trump will reportedly select the State Department’s spokeswoman to be Nikki Haley’s replacement at the U.N.:

President Trump is expected to nominate Heather Nauert as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, a senior administration official said.

Ms. Nauert, a former Fox News correspondent, joined the Trump administration last year and is currently the chief communications official at the State Department.

The Nauert choice makes a certain amount of sense if you think of the job of the ambassador to the U.N. as one of simply delivering administration talking points, and so in that respect she will probably be a suitable replacement for Haley. If Trump were looking for someone with any significant diplomatic or political experience, he should have chosen one of several other candidates. It’s possible that all of the better-qualified people didn’t want to take the job of being Trump’s face at the U.N. If I had to guess the real reason for the selection, I would say that Trump chose Nauert because he probably likes how she comes across on television, and her background at Fox News likely would make her seem even more appealing to him. The president is more concerned with having effective surrogates on cable news programs than he is interested in having officials that know what they’re doing. This is just the latest sign that Trump doesn’t value diplomats or diplomacy.

Haley was not very successful during her time at the U.N. Nauert is likely to have even less success as she will be tasked with defending and advancing increasingly unpopular administration policies.



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