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Radical Chic At The Beach House

A not-at-all-grifty way for privileged, guilt-ridden liberal Yankees to aid the revolution
Seaside Cape

This e-mail went out to all students at Yale Law school today:

Black, Indigenous and organizers of color are fighting for the right to live with dignity and safety in America. This is emotionally and physically exhausting work. Due to systemic racism and racial capitalism, it is much less likely that organizers of color will have access to disposable income or vacation properties to take much needed breaks this summer. A critical way we can support the fight for justice in this country is through donating space and resources so that Black leaders and leaders of color can rest and rejuvenate.

Here is a form you or your parents/relatives/friends can fill out if you have resources to offer, to help BIPOC organizers in the Northeast take much-needed vacations.

The things that are most needed are: empty places to stay/vacation homes, and money to rent a car or AirBnB. Also needed: camping gear and cars to borrow.

The deadline is next week (the end of June), so that the people organizing this can start matching everyone up.

If you don’t have access to these resources yourself but know people at this school or beyond who do, please share the link with them too and ask them to sign up: bit.ly/vacation-offering


Sarah Eppler-Epstein

Yale Law School 2021

To be clear, Mx. Eppler-Epstein does not seem to be the organizer of this charitable venture, only the conduit of information to Yale Law students. You should read the form. It includes this priceless piece of privileged snottery:

Verily, the snaggletoothed rustic doctors and bloodsucking devil nurses are just lying in wait there at Cape Kluckerville General, ready to pounce on the young BIPOC idealists!

I am sure that saintly Tom Wolfe is looking down from heaven with a sh*t-eating grin on his face.



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