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Attack Of The Racist Colonizer Sorority Girl!

DePauw SJWs besiege party girl

You may have read my long piece about the racist left-wing insanity underway at DePauw University in Indiana. One of the grievances that set off the (mostly but not entirely) black mob was the appearance of a white student, Ellie Locke, in blackface at a social event.

So I went online looking for photographic evidence of her blackface. Here it is:


Yeah, looks like Bull Connor in a blonde wig, don’t you think? Ellie Locke is actually the young woman on the left. It doesn’t look like she’s in blackface. She is wearing dark glitter. She is reported to have been spotted in a bar dressed like that, with a nametag that said “Blackie.” She explained that it was a reference to her friend, who has a habit of blacking out. It would appear from the image above that Locke and Boesel (who is wearing an “Ellie Locke” nametag) were dressed up as caricatures of each other.

But of course nobody gets the benefit of the doubt. No innocent explanation is ever allowed. Now, this sorority girl is History’s Greatest Monster:





What if you were Ellie Locke? What if you were Ellie Locke’s parents?

The university has security guards outside the sorority house where she lives, out of concern for her safety. Because she might be physically assaulted by black students who are terrified of her, because of her evil black glitter. Unbelievable. And the faculty and administration are feeding this paranoia!




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