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Quit Now, Trump

Tale of the tape: America will never vote for a dirtbag like Trump

Well, gosh, a lot can happen when a guy is on a flight. Here’s the Washington Post story about the Donald Trump audio. Excerpts:

Donald Trump bragged in vulgar terms about kissing, groping and trying to have sex with women during a 2005 conversation caught on a hot microphone — saying that “when you’re a star, they let you do it” — according to a video obtained by The Washington Post.

The video captures Trump talking with Billy Bush of “Access Hollywood” on a bus with Access Hollywood written across the side. They were arriving on the set of “Days of Our Lives” to tape a segment about Trump’s upcoming cameo on the soap opera.

The tape obtained by the Post includes audio of Bush and Trump’s conversation inside the bus, as well as audio and video once they emerge from it to begin shooting the segment.

In that audio, Trump discusses a failed attempt to seduce a woman, whose full name is not given in the video.

“I moved on her and I failed. I’ll admit it,” Trump is heard saying. It was unclear when the events he was describing took place. The tape was recorded several months after he married his third wife, Melania.

“Whoa,” another voice said.

“I did try and f— her. She was married,” Trump says.


“I’ve gotta use some tic tacs, just in case I start kissing her,” Trump says.“You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait.”

“And when you’re a star they let you do it,” Trump says. “You can do anything.”

“Whatever you want,” says another voice, apparently Bush’s.

“Grab them by the p—y,” Trump says. “You can do anything.”

Your Republican nominee for the presidency, ladies and gentlemen.

Read the whole thing. If you connect to the story, you can hear the audio and watch the video. Billy Bush is about as big a pig as Donald Trump is. Billy Bush is not running for to be President of the United States, though.

Well, well, well. There is no way a pig like this will be elected president. None. It is time for the Republican Party bigs to step in and tell Trump to stand down and let Mike Pence move up. That’s the only way the Republicans will have the remotest chance. If not, Trump might well cause the GOP to lose the Senate too.

I wonder what Christian conservatives who have endorsed Trump will say now? Let’s ask one. Hey CBN correspondent David Brody, whaddaya say about a Republican candidate who bragged about cheating on his third wife and grabbing women’s vaginas?

Unbelievable. I agree with J.D. Vance:

Man, is that debate on Sunday night going to be the best political TV ever. He’s going to spontaneously combust.

But seriously, all you religious conservative Trump backers had better get out now. You know it’s never going to get better for him. We’ve all known that this is the kind of dirtbag he is. Now it is impossible to deny. Somebody on my Twitter feed said that if the Democrats are releasing this tape now, four weeks before the election, just imagine what else they have.

Can you imagine being Mike Pence now, having to face the press and defend this guy? Jeez, Trump talks like Yale and Georgetown philosophers.



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