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Queering The Federal Judiciary From Within

The scuzzy Pride Month reading list the federal judicial bureaucracy sent to all judges
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The bureaucracy that runs the US federal court system sent out to every federal judge and federal judicial official a list of books and resources to “educate, enlighten, and entertain” them during the High Holy Month of Pride. Here are some of the titles that the bureaucrats — specifically, Tiffany D. Blakey, Fair Employment Practices Officer of the Administrative Office of the US Courts — think are important for federal judges to read:


Blow Me Away is a bisexual awakening romance in which Rebecca convinces Nick, her brother and a 22-year-old straight jock, to go to a Hawaiian wedding pretending to be the boyfriend of a gay male friend. Nick finds that he enjoys experimenting sexually with a dude. Here are some passages from this fine work of literature that the federal judiciary bureaucrats think judges and others ought to be reading. Sorry for the profanity, but you need to know this:


Literature! One more:

Why wouldn’t federal judges be educated, enlightened, and entertained by literary explorations about bisexual blow jobs? Can’t for the life of me figure it out. Billie Bloom says on its website that it writes “swoony high steam romance.”

Let’s move on to another title Tiffany D. Blakey recommends to federal judges and other employees of the US courts system:


Here’s the opening line:

Gosh, sounds promising. Almost as good as Jane Austen! Here’s what happens when Yami, the protagonist, stands up to do a report on her first day of  Catholic school:

Here’s another one, that involves, according to the title description, “light daddy kink, no age play and lots of chemistry.”

What is “daddy kink”? I searched the text on Amazon with the word “daddy.” Most of it I can’t publish here; it’s too pornographic. From this book that the federal judicial bureaucracy recommends for judges and others:

You know what’s not on that list? Any serious title about LGBT history or life — such as James Kirchick’s recently published (and well reviewed) Secret History, about closeted gay life in Washington. It’s all trashy softcore and romance novels.

I just wanted you to get a sense of what the federal diversity bureaucracy wants jurists and others to read — no doubt liturgically — to celebrate Pride Month. Tiffany D. Blakey tells her readers, “I hope these materials are useful and believe they can also be used as part of a larger fairness in employment program.”

Sure, if you want to employ mouthy lesbians who hate pro-lifers and the Catholic Church, gay guys who seduce straight ones, and men who want to be sexed by other men they call “Daddy”.

Thank you, Tiffany D. Blakey, for educating, enlightening, and entertaining our federal judges. It is good for the rest of the country to know who, exactly, has marched through our most elite institutions, and what they are doing with their power to queer America.

Which Republican president will fire the Tiffany D. Blakeys of the swamp, close down their diversity departments, and salt the earth where their desks were? That’s the one I’ll vote for.

UPDATE: Here’s the entire letter. In the original, if you click on the “reading list,” it takes you to that trashy Goodreads list:



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