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Pro-Abort SJW Assaults Peaceful Pro-Lifer

Ryerson U. employee caught on video attacking anti-abortion demonstrator
Pro-Abort SJW Assaults Peaceful Pro-Lifer

Once again, Social Justice Warriors have violently assaulted peaceful campus protesters. This time, it happened at Toronto’s Ryerson University.

Check this out:

That’s a screengrab from the home page of the Social Innovation Office at Ryerson.

Below, some hands-on learning and social impact facilitated by Gabby Swarko, an assistant at the Social Innovation Office. Swkarko is caught on camera violently assaulting a peaceful pro-life protester. The attack happens at the :44 point.:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05VgBpz5NSQ]

Imagine that woman’s boot on your face forever. According to her bio on the Ryerson website, Skwarko is pioneering new ways for voices to be heard:

How is she still employed at Ryerson, this woman who cannot restrain herself from physically assaulting those with whom she disagrees? Toronto police are investigating the case. They’re also investigating the case of Jordan Hunt, a Toronto hairdresser caught on video delivering a roundhouse kick to a female pro-life protester. 

A reader points out the new study showing that an overwhelming majority of Americans are sick of political correctness. 
He said:

You pointed out yesterday that the emperor has no clothes–everyone hates Leftist ID politics and political correctness. Yet, it is so culturally ascendant right now that the elites on the ground (young people in college) feel emboldened to attack thoughtcriminals without provocation.

MLK won the civil rights movement by peacefully protesting–NOT, harassing and menacing Senators or chasing them from restaurants–and then allowing the corrupt culture of racial segregation to respond violently–usually via police. Americans who had never cared about the plight of blacks felt sympathy for them when they saw them attacked, and people began resenting the attackers.

Christians who are pro-life and pro-marriage should think about this. Massive and coordinated demonstrations on campuses will only cause the footage of violence to increase. I suspect this will do more than anything else to win over people in the public.

Great point. Make the Gabby Skwarkos and Jordan Hunts show themselves for what they are, then pass the evidence on to the public. When people — left, right, or whatever — cannot peaceably gather and demonstrate for their beliefs without having to fear being set upon by violent opponents, democracy is under threat.

UPDATE: Look, if all you have to say is an exercise in whataboutism, save yourself the trouble of posting a comment, because I’m not going to approve it.

UPDATE.2: Reader Kurt Gayle:

Katie Somers, the young pro-life woman who was assaulted at Ryerson University, posted this statement on Oct 5, 2018:

“People often ask me why I continue to do pro-life activism in the face of such opposition—sometimes even violence. And it’s because of conversations like the one that I had an hour before I was assaulted at Ryerson. A young man came up to me and I asked him what he thought about abortion. He told me that he used to be pro-choice. I asked him what changed his mind. He said ‘reflecting on the images that you guys bring to campus’ is what changed his mind. He said it really doesn’t look like a clump of cells. And it’s unfair for men to just treat women like objects and expect them to just go and get an abortion. So he said more than change his mind, our signs changed his behaviour. Because he said he no longer treats women like objects. It’s conversations like that that keep me going.”

Katie: Why do I continue in the face of pro-choice violence?




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