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Poll: Americans Oppose Biden’s Saudi Deal

State of the Union: The deal would give KSA a security guarantee and help with a civilian nuclear program.
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An exclusive poll conducted by Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) through YouGov, and provided to The American Conservative by Stand Together, a community of organizations, has shown that the American public is generally against the Biden administration’s proposed Israel normalization deal for the Saudis. 

Under the deal, the Saudis would normalize relations with Israel in exchange for a security guarantee from the U.S. and American aid for a Saudi civilian nuclear program.


According to the poll, 40 percent of Americans believe that the deal would be contrary to U.S. interests, while only 29 percent believe it would be beneficial for U.S. interests. The remaining 31 percent are unsure. 

The responses on the individual parts of the deal are further revealing. For instance, 43 percent of those polled opposed a U.S. security guarantee for the Saudis, with 24 percent strongly opposing such a guarantee. By contrast, only 19 percent support a guarantee, with only 5 percent strongly supporting it. The remaining 38 percent are either undecided or do not know.

Support for U.S. assistance in a Saudi civil nuclear program is even lower. A majority, 58 percent, oppose such a move, and 39 percent strongly oppose it. By contrast, only 12 percent support U.S. assistance for a Saudi civil nuclear program, with only 4 percent doing so strongly. Again the undecided and those who do not know, in this case 30 percent, dwarf the support for the Biden administration’s proposition.

The only popular part of the Biden administration’s deal is the normalization of diplomatic ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia, which 48 percent support. Yet it appears from the support for the other measures that the price is too high for the American people.