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Podcast:Chris Preble on Nationalism, Threat Inflation, and China

Never forgetting that war is the health of the state. Plus, we talk about Kamala's foreign policy chops, or lack of.
Empire Has No Clothes

On this week’s episode of Empire Has No Clothes, my colleagues Daniel Larison, Matt Purple and I talk to Chris Preble, who left the Cato Institute in June to launch the New American Engagement Initiative at the Atlantic Institute. We talk to him about his own Libertarianism and foreign policy views—he talks a bit here about the American Founders, Hayek and war being the health of the state—nationalism and the growing hawkish response to China, and what a Biden foreign policy might look like if he wins in November.

In the first segment we take a hard look at Kamala Harris’ foreign policy background, and discuss whether her votes in the Senate actually reflect any core principles regarding war and reform. Give us a listen!



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