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Perp Walking a President

State of the Union: It’s what they’ve always wanted.

Demonstrators Protest Ongoing Detentions At Guantanamo Bay

Today could be the day that the liberal ruling class gets what they’ve always wanted—a Trump perp walk. 

If it comes to pass, prepare yourself for their absurd victory lap. It doesn’t matter how flimsy the case George Soros funded Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who made getting Trump a key part of his campaign, brings against the former president. Trump’s hypothetical arrest and conviction means much more than a few mislabeled payments to his then-lawyer Michael Cohen—who made payments to a porn star, who claims to have had an affair with the former president almost 20 years ago—as “legal expenses," (even though it appears the choice to categorize those payments as representation-related was Cohen’s idea).


Though he will not have been found guilty yet, the mere images of the orange man facing the real possibility of a matching jumpsuit will justify all their other narratives to get Trump—from the Russia hoax, to Ukraine-centered impeachment N.o 1, to the “insurrection” of January 6—not merely as a matter of strategy but a matter of substance.

The left will start to work backwards from Trump’s arrest. They’ll say Trump was always a ruthless criminal. Since he’s guilty of falsifying records to cover up payments to a porn star, he probably did collude with Russia. Who knows, the pee tapes might even be real too! The only reason he wasn’t arrested until now, they’ll argue, is not because these prior scandals were complete fabrications, but because Trump (whose presidential agenda, might I remind you, was stymied by a ruling-class cohort of lawyers, judges, intelligence agencies, and sometimes even members of his own administration) was able to totally bend the government and justice system to his will.

It’ll be maddening to watch, but don’t let it consume you. Especially be on the lookout for right of center political operators calling for responsive action beyond the protests Trump himself has called for. They are either feds, idiots, or idiotic feds.

Over the weekend, I was talking to a friend, a lawyer by trade who represents a J6 defendant, about the possibility of a Trump arrest. He said something that’s really stuck with me: if what we conservatives say is true about the complete breakdown of the rule of law, we ought to start thinking of ourselves increasingly as second-class citizens. The weaponization of the federal government and justice system, whether against J6ers or parents at school board meetings, has made this abundantly clear. 

And don’t waste your time crying about double standards or hypocrisy. Yes, the left can decry "lock her up" chants and then attempt to put the sitting Democratic president's foremost political opponent behind bars less than a decade later. Yes, the left can riot and loot and burn down cities with little to no consequences while you hardly have the right to speak your mind, in the public square or online. It’s not hypocrisy, it’s hierarchy.

You have no margin for error. Now is the time for copious amounts of discipline and careful strategizing. Willfully throwing yourself to Merrick Garland and his wolves today does not make you a martyr. It makes you a moron.