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Penn State & The Baizuocracy

University's new Title IX rules on anti-LGBT bias push the school further into soft totalitarian territory
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Penn State University sent this out today to its faculty and staff:

Got that? Now anyone can make an anonymous Title IX complaint against someone, without even showing up at the hearing, and without having to face the person that they are accusing! You can be convicted on the basis of an anonymous, undefended accusation, and your career will be over.

This is what they call “social justice.”

In 2018, an openly gay Penn State professor was the subject of formal complaints by students after he “misgendered” someone, calling a non-binary student “she”. That’s how thin-skinned these children are. He’s still on faculty there, but now, if he does it, he could be facing federal civil rights charges. Wait, even if he doesn’t do it, but some student wants to punish him with an anonymous accusation, he could be facing federal civil rights charges. Any and all of them could. Thanks to the Biden Justice Department and the university, professors at Penn State now have one more reason to fear their students.

Who can possibly teach under conditions like that? Conditions in which all it takes is an accusation to wreck your life — an accusation that you broke federal civil rights law by calling a “non-binary” person “she”? Seriously, Penn State and the US Department of Justice have now given lunatics like this the means to destroy a professor’s career for not using made-up language:

The baizuocracy — government by “baizuo,” the Chinese slang term for white Western leftists — is destroying the country and its institutions. Seriously, Penn State seems bound and determined to run every non-conformist out of the university.

Down with the baizuocracy! I’m going to make a special category on this blog for examples of the baizuocracy at work.



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