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Hiney-Lickers Of Princeton

Decadence in the Ivy League as the baizuocracy perverts the minds of the next generation of American elites
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A non-faculty source at Princeton University — one of the crown jewels of American higher education — sent me these from flyers that RAs provided to students:


I know it makes me out to be an old coot, but so what: is this what the American elite has become? Do people send their kids to Princeton (tuition, room, board, fees: $74,190) to have the university’s agents encourage them to lick each other’s butts? Because that’s what’s happening.

This really is a tell. The US ruling class is increasingly degenerate, don’t you think? It’s not that butt-licking and other perversions were unknown prior to today. It’s that one of the most important universities in the world is now encouraging what one imagines are among the most intelligent students in the world to amuse themselves by licking each other’s butts, and offers to provide them with the set-ups to do so.

Once upon a time, people looked up to the Ivy League as representative of the best of America. And now? In Princeton’s case, they’re determined to carry out a campaign drive out impressive scholars for standing up to neoracist progressive initiatives, and they’re engaged in grooming behavior to encourage students to act out sexual scenarios they’ve seen on porn clips.

This is your American ruling class in 2021.

And yet, how many normie Americans would still send their kids to Princeton because they want their kid to be credentialed by an Ivy League school, and to be launched into the elite-of-elites social class? How many conservative Americans would do that? Most of them, I would wager.

We conservatives can be hypocritical about this stuff. We will read stuff in the conservative media about how rotten the elite universities are, and how nearly all of academia is ruining itself with wokeness, and we will nod along with suggestions that our kids might be better off with a trade school education than a college degree. But if you’re that kind of conservative, and your kid comes to you and suggests that trade school might be a better fit for him than college, you might well blow a gasket and say no, son, you have to go to college, because … reasons. The real reason is that trade school is considered a step down in social class.

This happened to me recently. My middle son is 17. He’s a smart kid, makes good grades. But he prefers working with his hands, and prefers to be outdoors. And he remembers the lecture my late father gave to him a decade ago: the one I heard a thousand times as a kid, in which my dad railed about how he really wanted to go to trade school, but his parents guilted him into going to college, and how he resented his desk job from day one until retirement. My son said he thinks he might be happier going to trade school and learning how to work on equipment. This brings him pleasure. He bought his first car recently, a pick-up truck, and he loves working on it.

It could be that he is mistaking enthusiasm for working on his truck for a sign of a vocation in the trades. We’ll see over the next year — he’s got a year and a half left in high school. But I told him that if he discerns that trade school is better for him, then I will support that path forward. I can’t be a hypocrite who chronicles the decline of American universities by day, but who would nevertheless insist that my son get a college degree when he doesn’t want to go to college, but instead wants to learn how to fix machines and build things.

If I had a child at Princeton and I found out that the university was handing out hiney-licking kits to them, I would be on the phone to the university president to raise hell.

Think about what a gift to the Chinese and the Russians something like this is. The American elites, at one of their premier institutions of higher learning, provide help and material assistance to turn the leadership class of tomorrow into a claque of butt-lickers and oral fetishists who are too fragile to hear arguments that make them anxious. This is what progressivism is doing to America. This is the baizuocracy in action.

UPDATE: Someone at Princeton sent me these photos of a text from mandatory training for Princeton freshmen. Notice how highly contentious cultural theory claims are presented by Princeton as fact.


This is ideological indoctrination by the ruling class of its successors.