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No (Cis, Het) Men Need Apply

Liberalism is degenerating into one big nervous breakdown
No (Cis, Het) Men Need Apply

A reader writes:

So I’ve begun a program in healthcare in the south, and I have a few observations: first the institution has adopted gender fluidity and transgenderism at a basic level, in that much of the introductory campus material now ask about your sexual identity and your preferred pronouns and give mandatory teaching on how to avoid offending anyone and everyone over any minor details regarding personal identity. The students seem to be particularly ardent in imagining any potential violations of a patient’s gender identity and love to pounce on this. What really frightens me though, is what the constant ideological browbeating had done to the relationships between men and women. Normal male heterosexual behavior is seen as pathological. Many women are now only comfortable around gay men or other women. Sorry, but it’s true. Women seem capable at any moment of imagining you as the most vile creep and twisting your actions to fit this narrative. This kind of thing has especially taken hold on campuses and makes working with women who hold a certain kind of liberal attitude a potential minefield.

Is this consonant with your experience, readers? I’m curious.

Liberalism/progressivism is degenerating into one big nervous breakdown, in which mental pathologies are taken as signs of virtue.



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