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Moby ‘Obsessed’ With Walker Percy

Techno-musician fascinated by his 'weird, existential Catholicism'
Image copyright Christopher R. Harris, used by permission
Image copyright Christopher R. Harris, used by permission

In an interview with the Boston Globe, the techno musician Moby says that he has “started an obsessive rediscovery of Walker Percy.” More:

BOOKS: What started that?

MOBY: In the ’80s someone gave me “The Moviegoer.” I just loved it. Since then I had forgotten about him. There was a time when he was firmly established in the literary canon and maybe something about his weird, existential Catholicism just confused a lot of literary people. I hope there will be a Walker Percy renaissance.

Me too! And I hope Moby buys a ticket for Walker Percy Weekend, which is coming up in a couple of weeks (June 3-5). Here’s a list of the panels and the panelists. Among other things, they will be talking about Percy’s “weird, existential Catholicism,” as well as Dostoevsky and Percy, The Moviegoer, and Walker Percy and Politics. Here’s the eating and drinking schedule, including the much-loved Front Porch Bourbon Tour.

Tickets available here. Come on down. You know you wanna.



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