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Stephen Miller, Potential Next Immigration Policy Draftsman, Weighs In

State of the Union: The former Trump advisor listed went on to describe the November election as the “decision point for the West.”
Stephen Miller at NatCon4
Photo Credit: Mason Letteau Stallings

At the National Conservatism Conference in D.C. Monday, Stephen Miller, the former senior advisor to President Donald Trump, gave a speech about immigration and the upcoming November election, arguing that the current resettlement program is aiding and abetting “the world’s fugitives, the world’s predators, the world’s rapists, and murderers.”

Miller singled out the Biden administration’s policy on resettlement for “mass releasing” military-age illegal aliens and preventing their removal until after a subsequent criminal conviction. Miller added “we can sit here for days” to try to determine “how many murders, how many child-rapists, how many aggravated assaults, how many people who are engaged in kidnapping and drug-dealing” were let into the country due to this policy.


“There’s no issue I can think of more than the open border where the pain and suffering of the American people is met with cruelty, callousness, craziness, by the corrupt elites that are running this country,” Miller said.

Miller argued that the open border is “a matter of choice and design,” which he blamed on Democrats, stating that “every single person that died because of this release policy…died because Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the Democrat Party let them in.” 

“What are you doing to help achieve justice for those victims and a brighter future for all of America's children?” asked Miller.

Miller stated that he believes that the November election is the “fulcrum” and “the decision point for the West.” “Either the West will be saved…or it will fall,” said Miller, who exhorted Americans to “choose victory” and “choose optimism.”