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Lotta Volkova: The Devil Styles Balenciaga

The pedo-chic fashion house's chief stylist is obsessed with Satanic themes, child abuse, cannibalism, violence
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In the wake of the Balenciaga child sex ad campaign scandal, take a look at this. It's about Lotta Volkova, Balenciaga's senior stylist, once declared by W magazine "the coolest stylist in the industry." The fashion house tried to blame the photographers for the child sex controversy, but it seems clear that the real fault is with Volkova, who has been working closely with the head of Balenciaga since his days as the founder of the Vetements brand:

[I've updated this post since learning just now that the red image below, in Shields's tweet, is not Lotta Volkova. I've traded out the illustration above for a screenshot from this old video of Volkova partying in St. Petersburg.)


Click on the tweet for more. Jake Shields posts images from Lotta Volkova's Instagram account, which she has now taken private. Among them:


Notice the feminized, sexualized little boy:


Murder in a child's bedroom:

That's from the mind of Lotta Volkova, Balenciaga and Adidas designer. Do you really have to wonder if some of our elites are Satanists and pedophiles? Some things are true even if QAnon believes them.

Here's a link to another Twitter thread investigation Volkova and her colleagues in the fashion industry. It is not for the faint of heart.

Volkova posted this to her Insta account, an image of her wearing a tshirt from her favorite band, Cannibal Corpse, while inside a church. I found it on this site, which has some crazy claims about Hollywood and pedophilia, but after reproducing the Volkova selfie with the Cannibal Corpse shirt, says:

The following are lyrics from their song “Entrails Ripped From A Virgins C*nt”:


Tied to my mattress

Legs spread wide

Ruptured bowel, yanked

From her insides

Devirginized with my knife

Internally bleeding

Vagina, secreting

More Volkova Insta: this image of a little girl bound and gagged:

Lotta Volkova is one of the hottest stylists in fashion. This past summer, I met a young seminarian in England. We got to talking about what he did before he accepted a calling to the priesthood. He told me he worked in the creative office of a top London advertising agency (someone else confirmed this for me). He said that he was the only Christian in his office, but that there were no atheists. Really, no atheists? No, he said; "the New Atheism is dead with my generation." So if they weren't Christian and they weren't atheist, what were they? He said every one of them was involved to some degree with the occult -- and that two of them were open Satanists who defined Satanism as "living up to your highest human potential."

These are the people providing many of the images that colonize the public square, and enter into the collective imagination. This is not a conspiracy theory. It's the truth. Look at Lotta Volkova, who is at the center of things in the world of high fashion.

Here is a t-shirt Volkova designed, called "Occult Satan 666 Sexy Nun Girl Trova":

Volkova also works with Adidas, which launched a sneakers line designed by the Satanic stylist.

Balenciaga. Adidas. Who else? On the less in-your-face version of evil, I wrote earlier about how Simons, the Canadian fashion and home decor retailer, has released a short advertising film it commissioned glamorizing assisted suicide, and using it to sell clothes.

This is what the West has become, and is in the process of becoming. Open your eyes.

UPDATE: Not Satanism, but still child sexualization -- brought to you in part by Woke Capitalism.


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Giuseppe Scalas
Giuseppe Scalas
As I said many times, QAnon might have been wrong about specific facts, but they weren't wrong about the fact that the decaying Western elites are either pedophiles or pro-pedophiles. Normalization of pedophilia is the golden pot at the end of the Rainbow.
This. Has. To. End.
schedule 1 year ago
    Theodore Iacobuzio
    Theodore Iacobuzio
    Well, I think Q is wrong about more than "specific facts" (which could include people's reputations and careers), but the principle holds. To repeat: it's Joe McCarthy all over again. George Kennan said that Party penetration of the U.S. bureaucracy under Roosevelt and Truman was real and "not trivial." But what we got was Joe, which meant the Roy Cohn show. I think the real truth is that people can generally smell a rat. Which is why cozying up to a miserable little careerist like Fuentes is so stupid.
    schedule 1 year ago
Theodore Iacobuzio
Theodore Iacobuzio
The chickens, as someone once said, may be coming home to roost.

schedule 1 year ago
    Giuseppe Scalas
    Giuseppe Scalas
    Reading the NYPost article with the they pronouns is really tiresome.
    schedule 1 year ago
Harry G. Hutchison
Harry G. Hutchison
This piece confirms several things. First, it confirms Jonathan Cahn's analysis in his book Return of the Gods, which explores the spiritual implications of the return of pagan gods including Molech, Baal, and in this instance, Ishtar. Second, it confirms the wisdom of Constantine's destruction of the temples of such gods in the 4th Century. Third, it confirms the futility of the approach favored by accommodationist Christians like David French. Lastly, it confirms society's loss of epistemic authority, rendering the West without the ability or the willingness to distinguish between truth and falsity, between darkness and light, and between perversity and the transcendent.
schedule 1 year ago