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Groomer Clowns Steal Christmas

'Family friendly' drag holiday pageant celebrates Yuletide in Weimar America
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Watch this. It's short, but it's important. The image above comes from the clip. We are propagandized constantly about the mind-expanding glories of Drag Queen shows for children. Is this something we should welcome?


What kind of society permits this, much less celebrates it? What kind of demented parents take their children to see such a spectacle? It is highly, highly sexualized. James Lindsay is right: we should stop calling them drag queens and instead call them what they are: Groomer Clowns. You cannot watch that short clip and continue to maintain the pretense that this is all innocent fun. These groomer clowns know exactly what they are doing. And we are letting them get away with it, because protecting children is less important that affirming everything that the all-holy LGBT community wants.

A sane society would ban this, and imprison the groomer clowns. There is deep spiritual darkness at work here. Can't you see it? Are you blind?

I can't separate stuff like that from the general sense of disgust and disaffection I have regarding our society and culture. When you reflect that virtually every major institution of American life has absorbed the value system that produces abominations like that ribald children's groomer-clown Christmas, how can you have faith anymore? I agree with this:


I've written here recently about how going to visit the ruins of early Christian churches and communities in Asia Minor, and reading about the world the early Christians were up against, sort of radicalized me. It made me realize in a clearer way than I had before that we really are Rome, we really are Babylon. True, this has been my main theme for years now, and now we are seeing it reach levels of depravity that, if someone had said a decade ago that these things would be happening, they would have been denounced as a hysterical alarmist, and probably a bigot. (I know; I was.) And now look.


You think it's going to stop here? Why should it? Where's the pushback coming from? Most people -- the ones who know better -- sit quietly, thinking it's a passing phase, or that it won't affect them.

Earlier this month, political scientist Kevin Stuart, writing in the Wall Street Journal, explained how a lewd groomer clown Christmas parade came to his small Texas town. Excerpts:

My wife and I moved to Taylor, about 35 miles northeast of Austin, to raise our three children in a community dedicated to protecting children and supporting families. Historically a farming and rail town, Taylor is about as far from the front lines of the culture war as it is possible to imagine. Last year an organization called Taylor Pride submitted an innocuous-sounding application to sponsor a parade float featuring “a rainbow Christmas tree” and “probably 10-15 adults.” The Taylor Area Ministerial Alliance granted approval immediately. Evidently no one at the church group—which “exists to unite the Christian ministers of the Taylor area in fellowship and to enrich the spiritual life of the community through united ministry and evangelistic outreach”—realized that Taylor Pride was the town’s “hub of the LGBTQ community.” The ministers naively thought a group calling itself Taylor Pride was simply proud to be from Taylor.

That’s life in a small town. But if the members of the parade committee were quaintly unfamiliar with the vernacular of modern identity politics, they for sure weren’t prepared for what happened next. Taylor Pride was planning something slightly more adult than a rainbow Christmas tree. Its parade float featured drag queens—men dressed as busty women in short skirts.

The Taylor Area Ministerial Alliance passed a rule to prevent something like this from happening again. So local LGBT activists appealed to City Hall, which created a second parade to follow the standard one. More from Stuart's piece:

Professional bureaucrats run small towns such as Taylor like ideological colonizers. They should behave more like hired hands doing the work the people have assigned them through democratic deliberation. Subject-matter experts have something to contribute to the running of modern towns and cities, but the preponderance of experts has created a marked democratic deficit. That deficit is now a grave threat to the vitality of American civic life.

Some fault lies with the residents of towns like Taylor. By ceding too much political power to officials they can’t trust, they’ve allowed a civic culture that doesn’t match their values to take hold. When they finally have to stand against the dictates of the experts, too many citizens these days discover that their self-governance muscles have atrophied. They are intimidated and cowed by unelected officials who tell them that they lack specialized knowledge, that progressive political change is inevitable, and that they can’t do anything about any of it.

Too many citizens these days discover that their self-governance muscles have atrophied. Yes. I don't believe that most Americans support Groomer Clown Christmas Pageants, or any of the rest of it. But they are too intimidated to fight it. So we are losing our children, and losing our country.