He’s the first Republican in the Congress to call for Gonzales to be dismissed. Sununu is also one of the few truly principled conservatives on the Hill. A coincidence? I think not. ~Andrew Sullivan

I won’t bother with defending Sununu against the insult of being praised by Andrew Sullivan, but I will just note that a Republican from an ever-bluer state up for re-election next year needs to demonstrate independence from the administration early and often.  This is an easy way for Sununu to show that he is not a reflexive administration loyalist, since no one can really blame him for wanting to kick out an incompetent AG.  If I were convinced that this controversy is the reason why Gonzales should go (rather than all the other dreadful things he has done), I might not get too excited that Sununu is prominently associating himself with the anti-Gonzales effort.  This is the bold, courageous Senator who literally sprinted away from journalists to avoid telling anyone what his views on the “surge” were.  I suppose that does make his call for Gonzales’ resignation that much more surprising, but a vulnerable Senator criticising members of the administration is hardly proof of rock-solid conservative backlash.