Reading James Bovard’s latest on torture in TAC, Sullivan makes the following silly declaration:

For the first time [bold mine-DL], a conservative publication tackles the scandal of the American torture regime.

Except that, as long-time readers of TAC know, this is hardly the first time the matter has been covered in the pages of the magazine.  In July of this year, Mr. Bovard had a related article on presidential signing statements, including those related to the treatment of detainees.  In October, TAC carried Mr. Bovard’s review of John Yoo’s book, in which Mr. Bovard wrote:

George W. Bush has made absolutism respectable among American conservatives. And no one has done more pimping for president-as-Supreme-Leader than John Yoo, the former Justice Department official who helped create the “commander-in-chief override” doctrine, unleashing presidents from the confines of the law. At a time when Bush is pushing Congress to approve the use in military tribunals of confessions that resulted from torture, it is vital to understand the thinking of the Bush administration’s most visible advocate of “coercive interrogation.”

Those are just the examples that I can find with a quick search or that I can recall from memory.  As usual, Sullivan writes as if he has been the only one on the right to notice or care about these dreadful abuses of power for the last several years.  As usual, he is wrong.