The president seems to be hallucinating when he looks at Iran’s government:

Trump is trying to claim that reneging on the nuclear deal has had some dramatic and positive effect in Iran in just the last few weeks. This is of course completely false, and it needs to be called out as such. Insofar as there has been any discernible change in Iran over the last few months, Iranian hard-liners have gained politically because of Trump’s decision, even more Iranians are disillusioned with and distrustful of the U.S. for the same reason, and there is increased frustration with poor economic conditions that reimposed U.S. sanctions are making worse. The regime remains unchanged, and the leadership is exactly the same as it was last year and the year before that. If the administration has “achieved” anything in Iran, it has managed to drive rival factions in the regime to present a united front in support of the nuclear deal and in opposition to the demands outlined in Pompeo’s preposterous Heritage speech.

Trump’s boasting about his Iran policy is based on nothing.