Time for U.S. forces to leave South Korea. Christopher Lee makes the case for redeploying U.S. forces in Korea back to the United States.

The dangers of waging war by proxy. Christopher Preble comments on the downing of MH17 and its implications for demands to “arm the rebels” elsewhere.

“They killed 25 to get one.” Sharif Abdel Kouddous reports on civilian deaths in Gaza and the aftermath of one strike that killed two dozen members of the same family.

Why so many children are dying in Gaza. Katie Zavadski reports on the reasons for the large number of children killed in the current military operation.

When the U.S. shot down Iran Air flight 655. Fred Kaplan recounts the downing of the plane and the Pentagon’s false statements about the incident.

The differences between MH17 and KAL 007. Yong Kwon explains how the downings of the two flights differ.

Hawks ignore evidence of decreasing violence and conflict. Stephanie Rugolo provides the proof that the world is less violent and more peaceful overall than it has been in decades.

Putin’s failing strategy. Joshua Rovner examines the flaws in Russia’s reliance on proxies.

America’s mass incarceration crisis. Matt Ford reports on the extraordinary number of people currently imprisoned in the U.S. and effects of mass incarceration on the country as a whole.