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The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

The myth of American retreat. William Ruger reviews Robert Lieber’s Retreat and Its Consequences for the current issue of TAC.

Ravaged by conflict, Yemen’s coast faces rising malnutrition. The AP reports on the near-famine conditions in Hodeidah province.

Britain must end its support for the barbaric Saudi bombing of Yemen. Peter Oborne reviews the damage of the war on Yemen and calls on the British government to halt its support for it.

The economy is the newest front in Yemen’s brutal war. Peter Salisbury and Rafat al-Akhali comment on the Hadi government’s threat to shut down the existing central bank and create a new one in Aden.

A flawed focus on American leadership. Ben Denison spells out why focusing only on the “failure” of American “leadership” in response to foreign events produces poor and misleading analysis.

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