As I said earlier, there is not much point in addressing this sort of garbage, but the lying does get tiresome after a while. Noah Pollak says that TAC “attempts to undermine the democratic legitimacy of the contribution of Jews to the public debate,” which is simply a lie and one easily exposed as such. Any references to a “fifth column” in the first piece cited referred specifically to individuals who are under indictment for espionage, and in the second (Pollak’s link is broken, but the article is here) it refers to advocates for a war with Iran, which is a war that is manifestly not in the interests of the United States.

No one here is questioning the democratic legitimacy of anyone’s contributions to public debate–that is the sort of trashy, despicable behavior that we have come to expect from opponents in debate. I don’t think the phrase “fifth column” is terribly helpful, and the word “un-American,” like “anti-American,” gets thrown around far too freely and quickly loses whatever significance that it may have had in the past, but no one should trust Noah Pollak to characterize anyone else’s views honestly. He has utterly and completely misrepresented TAC‘s work, which is typical but hardly defensible.

On a related matter, does Andrew actually disagree with anything Mr. Buchanan said in his latest column on Freeman?