Greg Scoblete also rejects comparisons between Rwanda and Syria:

Now, unlike Rwanda, “other forms of intervention” in Syria consist of riskier policies than jamming radio stations. Things like arming rebel groups and establishing no-fly zones — i.e. policies that even more explicitly tie the U.S. to the fighting in Syria. But like Rwanda, these interim steps are almost certainly not going to “help” Syria in the humanitarian sense of the word. They will help depose Assad, but absent a means to stabilize a post-Assad Syria, there’s liable to be a failed state and all the attendant bloodshed and lawlessness that implies.

As Scoblete notes, the purpose of invoking Rwanda in the Syria debate is to use it as a bludgeon against opponents of military action. Like the “credibility” argument, it is designed to take our attention away from what would actually be required of the U.S. in Syria while making a mainly emotional appeal to short-circuit skepticism about the merits of U.S. involvement in Syria’s conflict. If warning about the new Munich is the preferred tactic of some Republican hawks, warning about the next Rwanda fills the same role for advocates of humanitarian intervention. The comparison doesn’t work for many reasons, but maybe the best reason to ignore it is the horrible track record when Washington allows guilt over the genocide to influence policy decisions. It was in no small part because of this that the U.S. supported Rwanda and Uganda as they unleashed more than a decade of war and upheaval in the neighboring Congo, which resulted in several millions of deaths and which continues to have destructive effects in Congo to this day.

Syria hawks are invoking Rwanda in order to get the U.S. to help destroy a minority regime and empower the majority. This is another reason to be wary of Rwanda-Syria comparisons. It is conceivable that facilitating the victory of the majority sect in Syria will create the conditions for large-scale killing and mass expulsion of minority groups. Fear of “allowing” the next Rwanda might very well end up creating it.