Prediction: Look for Bush to hit 45% approval (or better) in the next polls as he drags Republicans to victory this fall.

Oh hell, I’ll say it: Santorum is safe and Republicans win Maryland and Florida. Might lose Montana or Ohio, not both. In the House, net gain of 5 for Republicans. From trouble to fouble to bubble. ~Don Surber

Via Instapundit via Dave Weigel

Give Surber credit as the most reckless of reckless pundits.  I can understand the partisan desire to imagine a great rallying of GOP forces, but how out of it do you have to be to say that the Republicans will win Florida (where Nelson holds a modest 30 or 40 point lead last time I checked–sorry, I see now that the lead is only a modest 18) with the Queen Esther Mk 2, I mean, Katherine Harris?  In fairness to Surber, he wrote this on the morning of the 29th, so maybe he hadn’t seen Foley’s resignation and could not have seen the whole GOP-leadership-covered-for-pervert-Congressman thing.  Perhaps he would revise his predictions to a mere 3 seat GOP gain in the House!