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Maybe Icarus Is A Better Comparison

Jonah Goldberg is probably not working from deep familiarity with Cyril of Alexandria, so he probably doesn’t realize how this sounds:

Oprah promised Obama would help us “evolve to a higher plane.” Deepak Chopra said Obama’s presidency represented “a quantum leap in American consciousness.” Last month, Newsweek editor Evan Thomas proclaimed that Obama stood “above the country, above — above the world, he’s sort of God.”

Well, now he’s the god who bleeds, and once you’re the god who bleeds, it’s hard to get the divinity back in the tube, as it were.

Of course, Obama isn’t remotely divine, but if I were trying to make the point that Obama’s absurdly high elevation by his supporters has failed and he has come crashing back to earth I don’t think I would describe him in decidedly Christ-like terms. Yes, I get that Goldberg is making a Star Trek reference, but I am guessing that for most of his audience Kirok is not the first thing that comes to mind when describing a suffering divinity. More to the point, if you want to mock Obama supporters’ messianism, it might help to avoid describing their hero in such obviously messianic terms.

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