So there is now some argument over whether vlogging (i.e., video-blogging) is worthless or not.  Is it as efficient as good, old-fashioned blogging?  Everyone seems to be saying, “Not really.”  Is it entertaining?  Everyone who has bothered to weigh in on this vital matter seems to be saying, “Yes.”  In the wake of the eruption of Ann Althouse, which Bob Wright explains in more detail here, could there have been any other answer? 

It is probably not the best time to point out, then, this incredibly tedious conversation between Bob Wright and Michael Kinsley in which they bat back and forth the merit of the anti-Mormon arguments of Linker and Weisberg, despite the fact that neither of them had read the Linker piece and only one of them had read Weisberg.  In twelve minutes, they managed to establish that 1) intolerance was bad; 2) more tolerance would be good; 3) neither of them had read the Linker piece; 4) neither of them knew very much in detail about Mormonism or any other religion (quoth Wright on Catholicism: “that second whatever thing, the pronouncement  they had about thirty years ago or so”).  If anyone wanted a chief exhibit for the anti-vlogging position, this section would have been it.  Personally, I enjoy watching “diavlogs,” as they are rather absurdly called, but there are times when they try the patience of the most faithful viewer.