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Columbus Day Still Needs to Be Defended

It’s a true national holiday, not a sop to the diversity crowd, and it’s worth celebrating.

Beware the Global Do-Gooder Democrats

Collective amnesia has given rise to another generation of humanitarian interventionists and liberal internationalists.

The PC Brigade Takes Another Scalp: an SNL Comedian

In our cancel culture, comics like Shane Gillis who push the envelope and don’t virtue signal have become suspect.

Veterans: Mattis Spent Career Tending the Status Quo

As ‘Mad Dog’ looks back on his legacy, not everyone agrees that his tenure was a profile in courage.

Joe Rogan: The Most Trusted Man in America

He’s a refreshing contrast to a mainstream media corrupted by sound bites and entertainment.

The New Right, Dripping With Malice

Michael Malice takes a Hunter S. Thompson-esque journey to the parameters of acceptable conservatism.

How Altoona Found a New Identity

In Pennsylvania’s declining heartland, a small city is focusing on quality of life.

Stop Underestimating the Green New Deal

Has the conservative movement become so intellectually bankrupt that it’s incapable of responding to literal socialism?

Michael Cohen: Lots of Wind, No Damage

Dems hoped for a smoking gun but what we got was uncorroborated evidence from a convicted perjurer.

Now Ted Cruz Thinks He’s an America Firster

The Texas senator’s new look is undermined by an inconvenient truth: he’s still an unreconstructed hawk.

Ralph Northam and Democrats’ Dishonest Whataboutism

Progressives are pathetically trying to spin their embarrassment and surprise, turn it around on Republicans.

The Great War Christmas Truce: ‘They Were Positively Human’

For a brief moment in 1914, the guns went silent and the men risked court martial to play soccer, smoke and sing—with the other side.

Can This Left-Wing Populist Blow Up the 2020 Election?

West Virginia Democrat Richard Ojeda offers a class-based brand of labor politics sprung right out of America’s heartland.

The Coming Bankruptcy of the American Empire

Better to bring the troops home on our terms than wait for a debt crisis to do it for us.

How Crony Capitalism Killed the Zeppelin

Airships were initially considered safer and more capable than airplanes. It wasn’t just the Hindenburg that changed all that.

The Nuclear Trump Card

The Donald has the best shot at nuclear disarmament of any president over the last 20 years.

My Stand Against the Campus Mob Over Columbus Day

Intense hostility, threats of a massacre—George Mason University’s cultural left went around the bend as never before.