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Less Than Meets The Eye

Did you notice Romney’s lame rip-off of Clinton’s “comeback for America” New Hampshire victory speech?  Bruce Reed did and noticed a few other things as well:

Romney didn’t stop there. He focused like a laser beam on the economy. He welled up on the trail. He set out to beat McCain among women. In his victory speech, he claimed his comeback was part of a comeback for America. Don’t look now, Republicans, but after Romney spent all that time searching and searching, in Michigan the New Mitt tried to transform himself into Hillary Clinton. At this rate, he might even endorse his own Massachusetts health care plan.

Sullivan drew the same parallel:

Of course, it’s just the latest poll-tested cynical ploy. But it’s working for Clinton! And she and Romney have one thing in common: two focus-grouped cynical dynastic holograms.

This sums up well much of the reason why I am so powerfully opposed to Romney.  Think of how much many progressives distrust and dislike Hillary Clinton, and then apply the same view to the Republican side.

Reed’s phrase “Transformer Romney” also reminded me of an old favourite post of mine.

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