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Famine Caused by the Saudi Blockade Threatens to Kill Millions

The Washington Post condemned [1] the Saudi-led coalition decision to tighten its blockade of Yemen:

Saudi officials say the siege is meant to prevent what they claim was the smuggling of missile parts into Yemen from Iran. It has offered no proof of the rocket’s origin, and experts point out that Yemen is known to have imported Scud missiles from North Korea before the war [bold mine-DL]. In any case, the blockade will not deter either Iran or the Houthis, but it could trigger a full-blown famine among innocent children [bold mine-DL]. The Trump administration, which has blithely backed Crown Prince [Mohammed bin] Salman in his reckless adventures, should consider the cost.

Yemen’s humanitarian crisis would not already be the worst in the world if it weren’t for the Saudi-led coalition blockade that has been in place for the last thirty months. The severe plight of millions of Yemenis has been public knowledge for years, and yet it has not spurred the U.S. under the Obama or the Trump administrations to change its policy of backing the coalition war effort. Now that the coalition has shut all ports in an illegal and cruel act of collective punishment, there is even greater urgency in pressuring the Saudis and their allies to lift the blockade, but the coalition’s Western patrons have offered no meaningful response. Confronted with the potential mass starvation of millions of people by its clients in a war that it is supporting, the U.S. is doing nothing to stop it.

Despite the warnings of U.N. officials, the U.N. response appears to be no better. A draft statement being circulated at the U.N. Security Council never mentions the looming famine, and certainly has nothing to say about the blockade’s role in causing it:

The cost of the war and blockade will continue to be paid by millions of innocent Yemenis who have done nothing to the U.S. or to any member of the Saudi-led coalition. Instead of considering the cost, the Trump administration has written the Saudis a blank check, and so far it has not encountered much opposition. U.S. support for this is a completely indefensible policy, and yet there is still not much pressure on the administration to change it.

If nothing changes, the blockade will cause massive loss of life, and the weakest and most vulnerable members of the population will be among the first to perish because of it. The deliberate starvation of a civilian population is a monstrous crime that should be condemned and opposed as vigorously as possible. The fact that it is being done with Washington’s support makes it even more important that members of Congress and the public demand that the U.S. pressure the coalition to stop starving Yemen.

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7 Comments To "Famine Caused by the Saudi Blockade Threatens to Kill Millions"

#1 Comment By PulpVision On November 10, 2017 @ 6:54 am

Who are actually the WORLD POLICE ???
What are Human rights when you don’t even know they exist until we from the outside are looking in.
It is always inevitable and regrettable that there are always innocent casualties of war and terror.
Who actually has the right to bare arms to defend themselves from oppressors??? Who decides when a human tragedy becomes collateral damage and innocent lives are lost through conflicts that children don’t understand except for when they see death before there young eyes.What does the U.N. actually do,what is the point.The point is U.N. is ran by people who couldn’t care less.They give more aid money out on new shoes because the members spend more time dragging there feet over incident after incident.What about the ARAB LEAGUE ??? Cant they get together ASAP and say hold on a minute that is not right what you are doing HALT immediately with this conflict and lets sit around the table and talk peace.But NO it wont happen and why not ??? Because there is a war machine in place and bullets guns and missiles are fired by the waring factions with the richest country having the biggest guns and air supioriority so when they have that country under there control they wont let there grip loose.Backed up by those supplying weapons of war who profit from this its no wonder there is always silence for every cry and every bullet fired falls on deaf ears because of profit !!!

#2 Comment By Christian Chuba On November 10, 2017 @ 8:12 am

We have the best U.N. that money can buy.

Omitting the blatant violations of international law committed by the Saudis is jaw dropping.
1. Their illegal starvation blockade.
2. Their bombing of civilian infrastructure.
3. Their bombing of civilian targets.

Unlike the random missile attack by the Houthis, the KSA’s actions have caused many civilians deaths and violates the Geneva Conventions.

If Hadi was a legitimate leader rather than a puppet of the Saudis he would be calling for the Saudis to restrain themselves rather than giving them cover to devastate his country.

#3 Comment By John Blade Wiederspan On November 10, 2017 @ 10:31 am

With: (1) the new love fest between the clown and the saudis (they really treated me like a king!), (2) 90% of Americans don’t even know Yemen exists and (3) donor/intervention fatigue is now a fact of life means Yemen and its people are pretty much out of luck, and life. How much human suffering is imposed by one group on another?

#4 Comment By Stephen J. On November 10, 2017 @ 10:41 am

I believe Yemen is a massive war crime perpetrated by war criminals from various countries. They all need to be arrested,instead they parade on the world stage. Hypocrites of horror and dealers in death.
Tomorrow November 11th is Remembrance Day in a number of countries.
Therefore I ask, “Who Will Remember the Victims of Present Day War Criminals?”

#5 Comment By Christian Chuba On November 10, 2017 @ 12:29 pm

Here is a nauseating article on AP on how a U.S. General is jumping on the bandwagon that the missile fired into Saudi Arabia had ‘Iranian markings’

Funny, there are many thousands of bombs and missiles in Yemen with U.S. markings on them, oh but those are good missiles.

#6 Comment By Vida J On November 11, 2017 @ 1:45 pm

I am not a Republican, or even a conservative. However, this disgusting war is supported by the leaders of both parties because they believe the money America makes selling weapons to Saudi Arabia is more important than the lives of 7 million innocent Yemeni citizens. It’s absolutely appalling. I urge everyone reading to write their representatives in Congress and voice their opposition to the series of war crimes America is perpetrating against the children of Yemen.

#7 Comment By back off and stay off On November 11, 2017 @ 6:33 pm

“The cost of the war and blockade will continue to be paid by millions of innocent Yemenis who have done nothing to the U.S. or to any member of the Saudi-led coalition. “

It will also be paid by innocent Western or American civilians who will be killed by the inevitable terror blowback.

If somebody did to Americans what the Saudis are doing to Yemenis, you can be damn sure there would be some very angry Americans wanting to get even with whoever killed their family or friends – and whoever helped to kill them, which is what we’re doing for the Saudis.

We tend to forget all that when we let our stupid Congress and President kill or help kill people in our name in wars that we never asked for and didn’t want.

But they will come, rest assured, they will come. Just as we would come for them if the situation were reversed.

We’ve got to stop letting Middle Eastern countries drag us into their s***.